Aug 2, 2008

Listen Up, IE7 Pukes! Get Firefox NOW!

If you can read this, it's because I killed Sitemeter for your benefit, certainly not mine. (Update: there's a workaround see next post.)

Update: Here's the deal so far: if you have Internet Explorer for your browser, you won't be able to see any website that has Sitemeter placed in a side frame or widget. Possibly even your own.

If you have a website with the sitemeter widget in the side frames, nobody that browses the Internet with Internet Explorer can see your website before they get an error notice.

There are two things you can decide to do: If you are able to actually load your website with the sitemeter still intact, then you either already have sitemeter embedded into the BODY of your site's HTML script, or you are using some other browser besides Mr. Gates' lovely IE7.

So, you can download Firefox in order to see all of your friends' blogs that haven't figured out how to fix it. (Or just wait for MS to get around to it.) But your friends still can't see your site.

Or, you can kill sitemeter, which will make you site visible, but you still won't be able to see anyone else's site that still has sitemeter.

Tomorrow is my very FIRST Blog Birthday and you can't imagine how I've been waiting to cite my sitemeter. Argghh!

But no, instead I have to babysit all the truly wonderful folks who read my blog but don't have a technological brain cell in their being. I can't even brag to them or about them unless I can't see or count them.

What's even sadder is that everyone is locked out of their own blog and can't get sitemeter off of it unless they download a different browser. Good luck with that, blog homies.

Gonna be a quiet day in Blogdom.

Go to Mozilla. Get Firefox.(caution: link will start a download script.) You'll be glad you did because more of this sort of meltdown between Bill Gates and The Rest of The World is coming soon to a Blog near you.


Anonymous said...

... fixed.... and thanks for the info!... this is certainly going to get interesting....

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Thanks is this "Mozilla?"

Heh. I reckon I could google it.
Hey, how long does it take to download on dial-up?

Tech know, back in the day, my Navy days, I understood their computers.
Mostly 'cause they were logical (ie they made freakin' sense!).

Either I got dumber or civvy PC's have gotten very illogical.

Velociman said...

Microsoft is now admitting it's an IE bug, but their workaround is ridiculous. Or you can download IE8 beta.

Thanks for taking the hit on quashing your Sitemeter! Guess I'll leave mine up until everyone switches to Firefox or Microsoft has a patch!

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Geez! Which site do I go to?
There's a brazillion places that offer free downloads of Firefox.
Which ones are safe? Which ones are good for Vista?
(The one I checked, at, or maybe it was, I forget, said only for XP).

I hate microsoft! HATE I tell you!
Don't they realize that time is money to a guy like me?

Well, okay, I don't have the money yet but I sure as hell ain't gonna get it if I hafta keep dealin' with microsoft incompootence!

BTW, Happy (almost!) first blogaversary, Joan!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Thanks, Ben. You know, if I ignore you long enough, you figure things out on your own! I do the same thing with my son. Heh.

Any one of the links provided on the Mozilla page will work, but if one of them is a zip file, that might be better for your dial-up situation. Nothing like only getting half of a software app to really kill your day.

Or just go here and let things happen naturally. You should be okay.

QP said...

This mess is the consequence of not eating the Apple. Really sorry about the SNAFUs guys. SiteMeter - tried it, didn't like it. I recommend StatCounter.

Happy FIRST Blog Birthday Mystress Joan.

joated said...

I was wondering why I was getting the evil IE message. You would think MS would fix their own damn bug instead of telling people how to get around it on an individule basis.

I must have a different sitemeter app than you. I can still get to my site (knock on wood, fingers crossed, etc.). Even using AOL and not Firefox. It's all the other peep's sites I'm unable to read without moving all my bookmarks to Firefox that annoys the hell out of me.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Cool! I just wanted to be sure I went to the right site and not some changling site ran by some guy named Guido.

Says it'll take 2 hours and 11 min., approx..
I reckon it's time for breakfast/dinner!

Thanks Joan, you're a Godsend!

KeesKennis said...

My God.
IE, burps and the whole of USA blogworld have their collective panties in a knot.
I lurve dat.

Glenn B said...

Funny but SiteMeter desribed the problem as one being caused by them, not by IE7. Everything works now, so why would I want to change to what was it - Firefox? Convince me I want to change.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Hey Glenn! You're a day late and a bucket short.

Nice first comment though. Says a lot about you.