Aug 2, 2008


Sitemeter copped a plea: Guilty. Their site was pretty wonky this morning as they were uploading an ad banner on their site.

This was just a drill. Not Anwr, unfortunately. Had this been a real emergency, I wouldn't be here.

There's nothing to see here, now. Move along, please. Step away from the blog. There ya go.

You don't have to go home, but you ca... well, yes, you can stay here, if you like.


Teresa said...

I figured it was a change Sitemeter made because there's been no IE update lately. So for it to suddenly break means something had to change in the Sitemeter code that runs transparently behind the scenes.

I see they fixed it but as no one complained to me about my site - I'm guessing my lack of blogging has driven off all but the most determined readers. :-)

Velociman said...

Well, no. I been upset since last night. I'm drilling something. And I'm drilling it soon.