Aug 21, 2008

Not Going Away - Ocean swells in my backyard!

If Fay has 60 mph winds, I'm guessing that we're getting every mph of 'em. The marshy little creek is now sporting 2-foot ocean swells and we have about 6 inches of clearance before the Atlantic Ocean claims our AC unit. Fortunately, I think we've weathered the worst of the tide... for now.

The Big City up north and Daytona to the south are hogging all the news, but I'm pretty sure my little pirate town is getting the full brunt of a reckonin'. Actually, it's getting worse as I type.

The condo is an Aeolian Harp of noise, and has been for 24+ hours. The upstairs windows sound like the Russian Red Army chorus singing a low pogrom of horror. The front door and staircase window are playing the high notes. The entire complex has so many corners and hallways that all 325 units are moaning in concert with the wind. It's the stuff of a good Bogey flick.

Bird rescue at the pool, as well! A young Skimmer found hanging on for life to some flotsam in the pool was wrapped up in a towel and taken in by a nice Russian lady. Hope the little guy pulls through.

Update: First casualty of stupidity. The media pukes are saying she is a victim of the storm, but of course as sad as it is, it was certainly avoidable.


Oceanguy said...

Wheeeeeeeeeeee! Not much wind up here in the big city up north, but the rain... Oy shitzke the rain.

The Maximum Leader said...

Good luck. I hope you haven't had to lift stuff out of the garage.

Jean said...

Are we done yet?? sheesh!

Joan of Argghh! said...

No. Not yet. It's like a child's toy, Sit 'n Spin.

After 36 hours we lost a big oak tree here. The ground is drenched and 60mph winds shifted slightly. that's all it took.

pamibe said...

Sorry you lost an oak; that sucks. Hope that's all the damage you sustain, though.

She's huge, isn't she? We're still getting the bands down here in Broward...!

Hang tight!

LauraB said...

Tarnation!! Amazing footage ocean above the grass - but imagine the surprised fishes as that tide goes back out.

YOU take care, Missy...

Vmaximus said...

Unfortunately, the ground is sand around here. I have heard reports of 48" of rain in 48 hours.

That turns sand to soup, and trees fall down in soup.

Tampa has missed everything so far, I wish you well, and hope the electricity holds out!

I live on a line that was installed in the 20's, and there are 5 houses on my line, when a storm blows through, I have no power for weeks!

dogette said...

OF COURSE it's sad and tragic about the Totally Avoidable Death, but man -- when I read a phrase like "Witnesses said they saw a woman and two men along the shoreline going into the ocean, which was raging . . . ." I can't help but have meanspirited little thoughts about chlorine and the gene pool.

I'm evil and going to HELL.