Aug 12, 2008

Pack, not Herd, etc.

Self Defense Student Fights Off Attacker.

Right after class. In the parking lot. Of the Church.


  • 55 isn't old, but it is proof that you should never start to think you can't defend yourself.
  • If you're going to lurk around a church parking lot, never assume that the saints are there to play bingo or pray for your punk-ass soul. They might just be learning how to convince you of a change of heart, starting from the outside.
  • Check your church calendar more often. They may be having a gun club, too!


dogette said...

She "was trying to aim for his chest" but hit him in the face. Heh.

Hammer said...

Good for her! I love stories like this.

The Maximum Leader said...

Shouldn't you go straight to hell for attacking someone in the church yard? Wasn't that a mortal sin?