Aug 31, 2008

So, Imagine You're a Saudi Sheik Watching This Interview with Sarah Palin

If you watch noting else about Governor Palin, this video of her interview with Maria Bartiromo is all you need to see.

It's enough that this amazing politician can go 12 minutes of policy wonking about energy without the first "uh...", but that she can also cover all the bases, hit the salient points and direct barbs at Biden and Obama while doing so. And she hammers home the point with the tireless energy of a patient athlete: We need to use our current resources while developing new ones. And we need to do it now.

I'm no conspiracy theorist about Big Oil, and Palin has already locked horns with domestic oil companies and has earned her spurs in that arena. Now she is becoming a very high-profile, likable, formidable opponent of the interests of the Oil Cartel in Middle East. The Sheiks have no lack of clients, what with China rapidly consuming new resources, and India becoming a first-world consumer, but it remains that the U.S. market is the favorite whipping boy of the Middle East. If we declare, as Palin does, an unmistakable goal of true independence, what will be the political shift throughout the world? It's one thing to be a governor with an agenda for one's state, quite another to be a thorn in the side of international political interests.

I'm thinking Joe Biden and Barack Obama are the least of her worries. Besides, just watch that video and smile to think of the upcoming Veepstakes debates wherein Saracuda makes Biden cry like a little girl. Heck, from the looks of it, Sarah's daughter, Piper, could make short work of Biden, too.

And now, with Gustav working to take out more oil rigs and refineries, the price of oil will spike again, and Palin is going to look smarter and smarter to the idiots who have been too stupid to take in all the facts, but know when their wallet is hurting.

And while we're talking oil rigs and refineries despoiling the environment, why in the heck are we worried about the deserted tundra of Alaska while we continue to rebuild cities and refineries and rigs in an area historically proven to be a menace to all foolish enough to establish life and business within its dangerous geographic location? We've wasted more money rebuilding a doomed city than we ever could hope to spend drilling for our own oil.

I met a woman a month ago, who was still milking Katrina money from the government. Happily relocated to my beautiful state, now driving a Cadillac, and wearing designer fashions. And demanding more money from me.

I can't see Palin putting up with the national scope of folly surrounding Big Oil, our dependence on foreign oil, the idiocy of refusing to produce our own resources, and the continued bad judgment of the Good Ol' Boys.

(Btw, Palin has more executive experience than Hillary... as long as we're comparing them, Guy!)

[Update for future reference: Tale of the Tape Comparison. Excellent!]

Okay, I'm rambling now, but I love her for nothing so much as her actually saying it out loud, "the good old boy" network. It has ceased to be a functional entity; not that it's ever been especially ethical, it's just stagnant and self-absorbed to the point of entropy. I hope.

So yeah, while we're worried about Obama's security because of a nutcase with a racist agenda, Sarah Palin has a whole world of folks who are watching her closely... and very likely not entirely in love with her.

I hope Dick Cheney lets her know where the "undisclosed location" is.


Bou said...

My husband and I both think that Palin was an excellent choice. We were at a party last night, and everyone was excited.

We awoke this morning and my husband said, "I turned on FOX news and the college kids don't care about Sarah Palin at all." I replied, "Hun, they have already been brainwashed by Obama..."

It is 'our' crowd who really needed this shot in the arm. For the first time I think we have a shot.

GUYK said...


Robin Starfish said...

Thanks for that A+ msnbc link. What a dynamo - watch Biden do everything possible to avoid discussing energy policy.

joated said...

I think this was an outstanding pick by John McCain for so many reasons. Love her politics and the fact that she was willing and able to take on the good ol' boys of Alaska's Republican party to win her primaries and then defeat a former Dem Governor for the job. (Love some of the sour grapes coming from an Alaskan Repub official that, "It's hard to tell if she's a Republican or a Democrat." Means she kicked their GOB network in the nether regions! When she called for fiscal responsibility and cancelled the Bridge to Nowhere boondoggle.)

Guy I feel sorry for is Todd Palin. When they win his days of moose hunting in solitude, fishing for salmon, and racing in the Iron Dog are over....unless the Secret Service wants to take up some new sports. (Come to think of does one get to be Secret Service. I'd volunteer for any of those jobs just to share a beer or two with Todd after the day was over.)

Joan of Argghh! said...

Todd quit his job of 17 years when it became a conflict of interest with his wife's duties as governor. I think he's willing to go all the way to the wall on this adventure. And I'm sure they both view it that way: the next big thrill of the hunt.

Gecko said...

My guess is that Sarah Palin has a posse of angels watching her back. Thanks for those great links, Joan.

Bob said...

It was fun imagining myself as a Saudi Sheik, but then I watched the video. Thanks for the link, to which I will link.

pat houseworth said...

She's a winner, of course anything compared to Barry Obama and Joe Biden is a winner....

Palin 2012, regardless of this year's outcome.

Anonymous said...

Smokin' hot and the 'cuda nick is good enough for me. If she'd just add the sweet crude factoid(makes a world of difference)well, does perfect do her justice? ;~)

Stacy said...

"We awoke this morning and my husband said, "I turned on FOX news and the college kids don't care about Sarah Palin at all." I replied, "Hun, they have already been brainwashed by Obama..."

Fortunately those little fuckers are too intent on getting stoned/laid they'll forget to vote. But they do LOVE a free t-shirt.

Anonymous said...

Stacy, heh heh heh! Didn't you mean "those little fuckers who need their asses kicked"? I'm unsure of the reasons BUT check the Battle Ground polls and voter statistics for any cycle and you'll find yuts, minorities(except the homeless in Chicago - the ACORN strategy of cigarettes and 1/2 pints of vodka seem to move them) and women(no offense Hun)simply do not vote. ;~)