Aug 23, 2008

Spa Treatment

My favorite little beach is not for the faint of heart or tender of foot:

The outer husks of millions of little sea-beasties make up the "sand" at this beach. It's great for an exfoliation treatment. Problem is, you need tough feet to survive the process. The visitors all sport some sort of footwear, only after sampling the brisk effects of our sand. There is a special ritual dance they perform that involves wild knee-bends and foot-lifts; but we locals enjoy the invigorating feel of thousands of sharp little shells under each square inch of tread.

The beach lost some sand, about 2 feet a the point of the inlet, but the city lost an expensive section of their municipal dock. Pepper had to threaten nearby birds:

Not enough to just threaten them, she had to run in the water after them.

Clouds and rain were piling up to the west of us so we came back home, happy to have been outside if only for an hour or so. More rain is on the way.


Hammer said...

That's how I like my sand!

I could never let some weirdo touch my feet so I go to the beach to wear off any problem areas.

dogette said...

Pepper Dog is so cute I could just eat her up.

Kiim said...

I don't think my comment showed up. What I said was "Nice sand. Nice toes. Bad weather."

I'm sorry y'all had to suffer through the creepiness that was/is Fay. Sheite.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. ;~)

Velociman said...

I sure and hell miss the coquina exfoliation treatments. Always kept my feets healthy and unstinkified. I'll be in danger of trench foot up here in a few months.

GM Roper said...

Just got back from the pink sands of Bermuda... Was worried for a bit that Fay might vear north east, sorry you got it, but not unhappy it missed us.

Some Bermuda pictures available at the blog, more on the way as soon as I unpack my camera.

Love your pup by the way.

PeggyU said...

Ummm ... Am I remembering this correctly, or didn't you have a run in with a sharp object earlier when you were going barefoot? Are you up on your tetanus shots?

Skully said...

dogette said...
"Pepper Dog is so cute I could just eat her up."

Are you Chinese, Vietnamese or Korean?