Aug 28, 2008

Squeeze Play

Ugh... tides are still running high from the last storm. This oughta be fun:


joated said...

Batten down the hatches and fuel up the car. Keep a weather eye to the sky and don't be afraid (or to stupid) to run.

Good luck. Just one more reason I like it up here in north-central PA.

GUYK said...

yeah and it looks like if the first one don't get New Orleans the second one..Hanna..will. Local weather quacks allow that Hanna is gonna come across lower Florida and then up the gulf gaining speed as she where who you got a spare bedroom?

Anonymous said...

All that run off from growing corn for altarded fuel, chemicals create heat as they churn, uh, um, ah something about warm surface fueling 'canes. You sophisticated mallards and some of your Canadian loon pals need to get out there and paddle - bring up the cool water. Well, uh, um, ah, you could always try a call to Dr. No over at Halliburton. Don't get me started on the libtards who actually sound hopeful, albeit a tad shrill, on their fave - the weather as a political tool - gotta run, clean up that smidgen of vomit that jumped out on to my keyboard. Our prayers are with you. Gustav, calm down, now. Noli timere mala! ;~)

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hang in there Joan!
I'm sendin' some hope n' prayer your way!
Stay safe!

PeggyU said...

Hoping the hurricane changes its mind and decides to turn into a slacker! Work some of your charm on it!