Aug 21, 2008

Surf's Up!

This picture was taken about 30 minutes before the video that follows:

And here comes high tide:

Usually, it's just a nice, grassy marsh connected to the Intracoastal. Believe It or Not, it's not high tide yet. My newer neighbors are in a state of concern over the water level rising on the building. We'll need another 15 inches before I go down to the garage and start raising stuff off the floor. Yee haw!

Update from the pool:

That's not supposed to be an ocean out there. Supposed to be reedy grass and hammocks of land to complement the sling-hammocks on the pool grounds.


GUYK said...

Oh yeah! The joy and trials of tribulation of living on the water! Just keep those marsh varmits out of your house....some of them bite!

julie said...

Woosh! And I can't believe people are actually buying cars in that weather.

Robin Starfish said...

If I'm reading this map thingy correctly, it looks like that hussy Fay has you locked in her crosshairs about now (well, not personally, but maybe the neighborhood) and I'm reading Drudge, which is advertisin' alligators in the streets, 30 inches of rain, Apocalypse Wet.

Um, so you got any high ground to paddle to? Dumbass question, but the aforementioned bridge sounds better than nothing.

I mean, it does sound kinda serious...?

pamibe said...

That looks about right... I know you guys are well versed in wind and water... praying it stays out of the house!