Sep 12, 2008

Body Language

This is a still of the moment, the very moment before Kiddo plucks out Darryl Hannah's other eye. Cornered, overpowered physically, but never without an option.

This is a still of the moment just before Charlie Gibson was apparently blinded by a blizzard of 42 words.

See how Sarah has leaned forward, preparing for the strike, focused, a bit overpowered by media bias, but never without options...

"Charlie..." "Charlie..." She mesmerized him with his own name, over and over. Gawd I loved that!

Charlie would do well to get regular glasses that cover his eyes a bit better. But it is so lovely to look down one's nose, is it not?

This is the moment, the very moment, before Sorry Charlie's career is trod underfoot by viewers who still have eyes to see.

Y'know, politicians are in it for the money, but the Media are True Believers and thus much more dangerous. One should never leave themselves to the tender mercies of avuncular anchors.

Does Charlie believe he's the school principal, tasked with bringing an unruly cheerleader to heel?

Heh. In his dreams.

UPDATE: Charles Krauthammer owns "The Bush Doctrine" since he coined it, and agrees that Sarah Palin was right to question Gibson, "in what aspect," since it's morphed several times over the year. CK is not a hard and fast fan of Sarah, but I applaud him for defending her answer and schooling Charlie Gibson, yet again.

Best campaign season evah.


Erica said...

Oh good, you're still here.

What a gottdamned sexy post this was. I am so in love with her.

Anonymous said...

heh heh heh, yeah, you funny too! ;~)

LauraB said...

As Rachel would say, "I want to have your babies".

SUPERB analogy if somewhat blech before dinner. LOL

Teresa said...

Wonderful, just wonderful.

ROFLMAO - best thing I've seen about the whole nasty interview yet.

dogette said...

I can't believe you even KNOW that movie and that scene. Everyone else I've ever mentioned it to gives me a blank look.

HA! Get it?! BLANK LOOK! HA! I slay me.