Sep 16, 2008


Oh, nothing. Just posting this to declare the epithet above as my new favorite.

And yeah, I'm watching Futurama reruns because Fringe has already insulted my intelligence only 5 minutes into episode 2. Gah. I can write better melodramatic crap-spackle sci-fi while driving to work.


PeggyU said...

Well, bite my shiny metal ass! I approve your choice of fine viewing material! ;)

Anonymous said...

For bathroom use with water resistant wallboard?

You watch television? ;~)

Irrelephant said...

I was pretty crushed at Fringe, too. Hopes WAY too high, even if it had The Steward of Gondor in it.

All Hail Hypnotoad!

Elisson said...


Great epithet...and it goes well with carbonated beverages, too!

Everyone's heard of Crap-Spackle...and Pop.