Sep 11, 2008

I Don't Do Well on Tests

I've seen this at several blogs and thought I'd post it before someone endangered themselves by tagging me. Finish the sentence:

1. My uncle once: moved into the Ocala National Forest and never came back out.

2. Never in my life: have I wanted to own a monkey.

3. When I was five: I suspected that life would not be easy. Some kinda savant I was...

4. High school was: a bad idea.

5. I will never forget: to close the bathroom door.

6. Once I met: my goals. It was kinda anti-climatic.

7. There’s this girl I know: and she's not me.

8. Once, at a bar: I let a man buy me a Coke. Just a Coke.

9. By noon, I’m usually: halfway through my day. Isn't everyone?

10. Last night: was dark.

11. If only I had: a Holocaust Cloak...

12. Next time I go to church: I won't laugh at inappropriate moments.

13. What worries me most: is ninjas. Sneaky bastards.

14. When I turn my head left I see: my drink.

15. When I turn my head right I see: The Jolly Roger.

16. You know I’m lying when: the truth isn't working.

17. What I miss most about the Eighties is: my girlish figure.

18. If I were a character in Shakespeare I’d be: really, really old by now.

19. By this time next year: it'll be September.

20. A better name for me would be: someone else's name.

21. I have a hard time understanding: why They haven't come for me yet.

22. If I ever go back to school: I'll likely have to be chained to my desk so as not to hurt anyone.

23. You know I like you if: I allow you to live.

24. If I ever won an award, the first person I would thank would be: my sister that threatened to kill me in my sleep. She made me stronger. And insomnial.

25. Take my advice: with a grain of salt.

26. My ideal breakfast is: cooked by someone else.

27. A song I love but do not have is: probably not found on a bootleg website.

28. If you visit my hometown, I suggest you: pack heat.

29. Why won’t people: get out of my way?

30. If you spend a night at my house: you're probably lost.

31. I’d stop my wedding so: I could run a financial background check.

32. The world could do without: insurance. But it won't.

33. I’d rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: a snail.

34. My favorite blonde is: Miss Clairol.

35. Paper clips are more useful than: gum for holding papers together.

36. If I do anything well it’s: an opportunity to boast.

37. I can’t help but: laugh.

38. I usually cry: foul!

39. My advice to my child: is probably ignored. I didn't raise a fool.

40. And by the way: I'm still not here, Erica.


Teresa said...

Saw it, thought about it... decided it was way too much work. ;-) but I like yours. LOL.

KeesKennis said...

Answer number 2 is extremly worrying.

LauraB said...

*Snarfle* You crack me up. Hey, if a post a week is all we get I am good with it.

(I thought I wanted a monkey till I met someone who did and understood the concept of poop isn't always contained neatly.)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you're way too cool, way too clever. ;~)

Irrelephant said...

A Holocaust Cloak. Oh Mai Gawd you rock out loud, Joan. You simply rock the eff out loud.

Gecko said...

#37 is what happens at Joan's blog.