Sep 28, 2008

I've Been Paying Pretty Close Attention for 30 Years...*

And in all that time that I've been politically conscious, as a Democrat and now disgruntled Republican-- in all that time that I've watched the mainstream media, I can't remember Republicans ever winning a Presidential debate, or a pre-election poll.

In 30+ years of watching the MSM I've apparently never seen our military perform honorably in a theatre of war.

The Media, since I've been paying attention, have yet to understand the definition of hypocrisy, thinking that any Republican with the temerity to uphold the Good, and who falls or falters in their quest of same, is a hypocrite. And yet Democrats who knowingly vote against their conscience, mock what is pure, and obfuscate any attempt to contrast their actions with their words are called clever, glib, articulate.

For the better part of a generation, I've never seen a Republican statesman praised or credited for any policy, plan, or legislative action. Any success is grudgingly reported with a thousand caveats and calls for caution.

I've never seen, in 30 years of watching closely, a disgraced Democrat resign as a matter of honor, to preserve the dignity of his Party. And I've never seen the MSM villify a Democrat for such self-serving behavior.

If I only watched the MSM, I would have to believe that Democrat politicians never lie and Republicans always do.

And that the MSM has never seen a Democratic judge rig an election, throw out votes, deny military votes, extend voting hours, or disallow dead voters. And if they have seen such a thing, well, it was just an attempt to provide equal access to the disenfranchised.

In 30 years of watching the MSM, I've rarely seen Capitalism lift entire groups of people out of poverty.

And I would have to believe that there was never a negative consequence of our selling technology to China, relinquising the Panama Canal (now overrun by the Chinese), or pandering to the Iranians after they held Americans as hostages for years.

I suppose I have to believe, also, that Nancy Pelosi's House is qualified to manage $700 billion dollars without any oversight or accountability.

I get it, now.

And yet, incredibly, we've had 20 years of Republican Presidents voted into office in these last 30 years or so. No wonder the MSM believes The United States is evil: it we just don't listen to them.

But when we listen for ourselves, this is what we hear:

(*Yes, I understand the meaning of hyperbole. I've watched hurricane reporting.)


Erica said...

You know...between the William Ayers thing, Jeremiah Wright, wanting to sit down with the heads of state of hostile nations...this video, more than those other things combined, has created in me the greatest sense of doom and urgency for our futures, kind of a lot like the feeling I have when I watch Psycho, just before I know Janet Leigh's gonna get whacked. It all hit me sometime during "Money Talks."

USMC 9971 said...

There are a lot of screen shots of articles on various websites, but the video goes by so fast that it was tough to keep up with the sourcing. With that in mind, I made a transcript of sorts for the video, with links to all the documentation that I could find (the graphs/charts were the hardest to find, so I didn't source the majority of those). For what it's worth, here's my post with the transcript/sourcing.

Hopefully that might help a bit if anyone is looking for documentation.

GUYK said...

Yep and that is why I just keep stockpiling precious metal....lead

mushroom said...

Wow, good stuff, and right on the money.

LauraB said...

Thanks for that - it always amazes me the long game played. Years ago positions staked out, laws made, knowing that in a few years you can walk away and just "regift" the profits to the one who made it all possible.

I love how all the linkages were noted. People cannot comprehend just how...complex this graft is. Master Grifters playing a long con. Well done.

PeggyU said...

Video no longer available! I guess they pulled it :( What was it and where might I find it?

Your bit leading up to it had me primed up to watch. Well written, Joan!