Sep 7, 2008

The World Will End on Wednesday

This is why I can't blog anymore... because the following is what my brain is full of:

The world will end on Wednesday, before your second cup of coffee. Discuss.

Sarah Palin is a woman who said "No," to Republican suitors seeking her endorsement in the primaries. Twice. I think there is nothing so alluring about a woman as a bit of reticence and mystery. Take note, young teenage tramps who advertise, "bootylicious" across your butts. The boys'll come-a-running, but they won't ask you for a commitment.

I think Palin's chary reluctance drove McCain to exasperation and a second look. And a proposal.


I think this comment, left on a blog I enjoy, is astute; your mileage may vary:

I think McCain revealed this last night at the end of his speech. He admitted he was all about himself, a self-created man. But it took great pain, failure, brokenness for him to live for something outside himself.

IMO the failure of the Left is they are forever unwilling to actually suffer to reach that place and you do NOT reach that place without suffering. The Left via their witchcraft will make everyone else suffer so they can reach that place. That is why all their Utopias end in OTHERS the truckloads.

If dealerships that sell luxury vehicles were allowed to serve alcoholic libations on-site, buyers would instantly be a happier, much more sophisticated clientele, who could convince themselves of their superior choice. Much like buying B-grade art. It doesn't happen without alcohol.


This is the most intelligent, funny 42 minutes i've enjoyed since Sarah Palin's speech. plus, Nathan Fillion can sing. Who knew? (Thanks, Tanya!)


I think that the phrasing of, "Attention Deficit Disorder" is really a reflexive of the true problem: A lack of interest in the immediate world that comes at us in sound bites, 3-second images, shallow observations, and instant emotional gratification. Ergo, you are the most interesting thing in my world for the next 3 seconds. Make it count, or I'm moving on.

Schools and teachers have only exacerbated this problem by emulating the television. Kids are smarter than all of it. They are not paying attention because they've already seen the Readers Digest MTV version of life and it bores them. Give them a problem that can't be solved in 30 minutes, explained in 90 seconds, or erased with a Tide Pen, and watch them focus.


I never buy Nutella except when my DIL is in town. Nutella is evil. I must have it! No! It has me.


I think Jimbo has a fine hobby.


Oh! A shiny object!....
Over there! ....


Update already: Hating Sarah Palin is a Disease. And he has the cure. Seriously!


Kelly(Mom of 6) said...

Hey, I'm glad you're back. I didn't like it when you were gone.

This is just a modern day ..pensieve... think of it like feels much better and takes a lot of pressure off.

Irrelephant said...

That's THIS Wednesday? Excellent! I never could get the hang of Wednesdays.

Jim Ryan said...

I like how your not not here.

But I understand quitting blogging, believe me.

Anyways, nice knowing ya', what with the Wednesday thing and all.

GUYK said...

Wednesday, huh. Hmmm, appropriate I reckon to end the world on hump day...

julie said...

Heh - I like this line, from the article:

"Like everybody, I used to make explosives."

Now granted, my family had an unnatural (or perhaps overly natural) affinity for things that go boom, but even we never made our own explosives. Is that really such a common behavior?

Thud said...

its fun over here watching the British media tie themselves in knots over Palin!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Hullo, Thud, and welcome!

I encourage my readers to go visit Thud's blog, "over the water" as it's quite good.