Sep 18, 2008

You Guys Totally Rock


Soon, my pretties, I will be feeling mahvelhous and healthy. The last 36 hours have been a Purgatory for my soul, and I don't know that I handled it well, but I just got the news two minutes ago that, yes, they agree with my doctor that this needs to be taken care of right away, and have approved the operation.

I'm blubbing all over myself as I type. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I know it was the concerted prayers, good thoughts, and vibes that stormed the gates of Idiocracy for the win!

Now The Jolly Roger and I can attend the big Family Event in Buckhead, see the brand new great-niece in Atlanta, and have a peaceful and much-deserved long weekend.

Did I say thanks? Thanks!


Irrelephant said...

Damnit, I haven't been reading daily and I missed something important. Grrr.

Here's hoping with most powerful sincerity and all of love that the surgery is easy and quick and painless and everything is grand afterwards. Be safe, Joan.

julie said...

Yep, what Irrelephant said. I'll keep up the prayers, though, just to be on the safe side. :)

GUYK said...

Good to hear it!

QP said...

Awesome. What a RELIEF for you and your fans!

Gecko said...

Bunch of crooks those insurance companies but not for an instant would most underestimate the power of the mighty Joan with all the prayers without ceasing for her health and well being. And, of course, what irrelephant said.

joated said...

Dittoes on irrelephant's comment.

Enjoy your weekend and, should I not get around to read/comment regularly, best of luck with the surgery.

Teresa said...

Whew - well, I see you've been going through Dante's rings of Insurance hell. Holy crap!

I'm glad they finally approved you. And yes, it is way worse in countries with "National Health".

True story: I know a woman who lives in England. She needed cataract surgery. She's put on the list - surgery in 9 months! Then one day she emails us all...

"Oh joy, I got moved up in the line to next month because my job is IMPORTANT".

All I could think of was the poor sod who has been waiting 9+ months for his/her cataract surgery and will have to continue to wait because they aren't "important" enough. *sigh*

Should I have been more happy for her?

I am happy for you though - you're paying for that insurance... the blood suckers need to cut it out and fork over.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hurray! Prayers for a successful surgery and quick recovery and all that jazz! :^)

Jim Ryan said...

Good luck, best wishes.