Oct 9, 2008

ACORN Doesn't Care

ACORN’s ends will not be diminished by the fraud. They’ve known all along that they’d be called out on this fraud. Likely they are surprised it took this long. In the meantime, hey! they get lots of extra votes for their guy.

In the end-game, it’s about frustrating bureaucracy with paperwork. It’s an old and proven Marxist ploy, and is outlined in Obama’s reading materials. If you can’t beat the system fair and square, then use its own rules to defeat it.

ACORN is required by law to turn in all applications, even ones they suspect to be fraudulent. They are absolved from the actions of individuals filling out paperwork, so if charges are forthcoming against ACORN it will be more on the order of intent to incite others to commit fraud. But I'm not an expert on this.

The anarchy is almost complete when you start hearing people saying, “who knows what’s true anymore?” "It's too complicated."

Meanwhile, watch the continuing complexity of these "community organizations" and action groups and their chaotic demands, redirects, and obfuscations.


John Holton said...

What bothers me is that I have to provide a birth certificate and other ID and have myself photographed and fingerprinted to drive (Georgia) or carry a gun, but I can show up at a polling place with any random piece of junk mail and be allowed to vote. I can cause a lot more damage with my vote than with a gun or a car; why shouldn't I be subjected to equally rigorous requirements to vote?

Joan of Argghh! said...

John, ask Bill Clinton and the "motor voter" crowd.

Did anyone doubt for a moment that it wasn't about voter fraud?

When they say, "unfair" what they mean is, "we can't get around it."

PeggyU said...

I has a stoopid question. Since Acorn has time and again and in multiple places been caught red-handed participating in voting fraud, why are they still allowed to register voters or be involved in the election process at all?

GUYK said...

And the only ones who profit are the ammo manufacturers

dogette said...

ACORN can just bite me.