Oct 7, 2008

Amuse and Reassure Yourself with Google

Just go ahead and Google up the 2004 race thusly:

"kerry ahead of bush in the polls october"

Oh, and just see how they say, when Bush was pulling ahead in spite of the debates... LMAO!!!

If you believe ANYthing the MSM or the polls tell you, well, yes, you need to turn off the television and turn on your computer.

Just something to keep in mind, kids.


joated said...

If the polls are wrong (again) and Obama loses, the cries of fraud and cheat will wail from every city in the nation as Obama zombies tried to figure out how they got out cheated and out frauded by an old busted up war vet and a soccer mom. More than one inner city editorial has said there would be race riots in these bastions of Democrat politics...wait a minute...would that be bad? or good?

Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh, just wait until my next post! You're not nearly concerned enough. Not by a mile...