Oct 3, 2008

Bail Out Bill: Reparations

Rush said it. Sneaked it into his 3rd hour.

I didn't imagine it.

What do you think of such a statement?

Here's food for thought about that word, because after watching this video, I found it creeping into my thinking, too:

Update: Just heard back from my Congressman, John Mica, who twice voted against this bill. In his lengthy reply, he also cited the above video. Heh. I wrote him earlier to thank him after the first vote. Glad to hear he upheld his standards and the interests of his constituency today as well.


pamibe said...

I heard him say it. And Rush is always right!

Mike Wilson said...

He's right. This is a travesty.

Yes, the capital markets need a bunch of cash, but this isn't the way.

Joan of Argghh! said...

But, "reparations" is inherently and uniquely referring to Black Americans, not just "low income" earners looking for affordable loans.

None of this would have happened without a huge dose of White Guilt. I'm impressed. Stunned and impressed.

Richard said...

He's right. Damn.