Oct 28, 2008

Because Halloween Doesn't Scare Me Anymore...

I blog politics.

Run to the battle, people, not away. This is no time to be weary; sleep is for when you are dead.

Bill Ayers is a swell guy. From Confederate Yankee, we have the proof, on video, of just what sort of "education" program we're in for with the Obamunists. And don't tell me he's reformed. Have you ever met a real teacher who didn't believe that the world's problems couldn't be solved if everyone was a smart as they? Yeah, you've read the transcripts by now, but just watch for a real Happy Halloween scare. Behold:

And the Democrats wanna give the Vman all sorts of grief for wanting hole up on his patch of the mountain?

[The only good news is that once you're dead, you can vote in Ohio and Chicago as often as you like. -ed.]


D.I.L. said...


You would like this article, M.I.L. Check out the rest of his blog while you are at it. Love you!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Yes, I read it a few days ago. But I like the blog. Thanks!

I've had two days of feeling really great. And that feels... great!