Oct 7, 2008

Captain Morgan: A Better Painkiller

So, yeah. I've been off the painkillers since Thursday afternoon. Had surgery on Tuesday; a week ago. I know, you're saying, "what's the use of a full bottle of Percocet if you're not gonna enjoy it? For at least a week or so?"

I am such a wuss.

However, it was great fun joining the JR and his brother for a few quaffs down at the local bar, meet up with a few local heroes and generally enjoy life under the influence. A mellow buzz, a happy time, and hey! I got to get out of the house and go maybe a mile down the road!!

Well, I may be forgiven for feeling a bit celebratory: Doc says I'm healing up well and he won't need to see me for a year.

Meanwhile, Doctor British, the poor naif fresh from a second residency (for his US license) in Denver, assures me that they've implemented a redundancy in the O.R. equipment in this pirate town's hospital, since my unfortunate experience last week. Seems somebody dropped the damn laproscopic vacuum box and never said a word. That's why I have an extra, unexpected scar along my lovely tummy.

Pre-op couldn't have been a more reassuring experience. Post-op I was dumped into a room and left to rot and scream for pain meds. Doc Brit forgot that, due to the unexpected incision into my abdomen, I might need some Demorol for the pain. He fixed that, but like Bill Whittle noted, you gotta wait for the pharmacy to issue the meds. Plus, Nurse Obama could've cared less for me or more for her manicure. Yeah, can't wait for government-guaranteed-job nurses to become the standard of excellence under ObamaCare.

So, the Pepper Dog is home now, and she's looking at me like, "how do YOU like it, beyatch?"

Not much. But my longer battle with pain is over. Gotta be glad about that. And about all of you sending good thoughts my way. Thanks again.

Now, back to misbehavin'. Just wait 'til you see the Obama quotes I've got for you!


Irrelephant said...

Glad to hear you're healing, Joan! Go easy on the running about, kay?

LeeAnn said...

Firstly, I am now sacrificing that virgin chicken so the voodoo gods will speed your recovery and forefend any further botherments.
Secondly... a full bottle of Percocet? You do know Christmas is comeing, right? And I've been a goooooooood girl.
I'm just sayin'.

LeeAnn said...

I misspelled "coming". They are going to take by my award for Best Subtitling of a Shoddy Porno for sure now.

Jim - PRS said...

"Seems somebody dropped the damn laproscopic vacuum box and never said a word. That's why I have an extra, unexpected scar along my lovely tummy."

That sounds like a gimme for a good medical malpractice lawyer.

I'm just sayin'.

dogette said...

You've inspired me so, I've ordered up a (brown, what else?) t-shirt that reads, on the front: "BROWNSHIRT"

On the back: "I aim to misbehave."

Joan of Argghh! said...

Whoa, Dogette! I think we've got a chance to start something.

Misbehavin' for Palin!

Can we convince McCain to announce that once he's elected he'll step down and let Sarah become Prez?

I have a dream...

QP said...

Very happy to read you're free from pain and on the mend. Lookin' forward to your style of misbehavin'.

LauraB said...

If a polite settlement isn't forthcoming you ought to make legalistic noises.

Just think of it as a sort of dinghy. A future dinghy.

[That doesn't look right - the longer I look at the word, the less like a word it looks.]


PeggyU said...

A laparoscopic vacuum box? That sounds like some sort of torture device! I'd probably drop it AND kick it! However, it sounds like they were supposed to refrain from that.

I hope you are feeling much better, in spite of the extra scar!