Oct 12, 2008

Celebrating Alone

...is no fun at all.

Gaz, over at Your Moosey Fate (sounds like a Sarah Palin ploy, but it's not!) is celebrating a year of being free from the curse of cigarettes.

If you've ever been there and done that, you know how awesome it feels to be free. Go over and add your congrats and encouragement to mine, and let her know that her blog banner totally rocks.

Well done, Gaz!


Erica said...

With the exception of one night a few weeks ago, because I was too drunk on Black Russians to even tell you who the president was, I haven't had a cigarette in about three and a half months. That was the only craving I'd had since around the beginning of June.

I haven't gone the route of becoming an anti-smoking Nazi, but it doesn't take someone with Einstein's IQ to figure out what a revoltin' (said like my boyfriend, William Bendix) habit it is. We'd all be better of without them.

dogette said...

No one asked and this comment is pretty much totally off-topic but I've been a nonsmoker for about 16 yrs now. I'm definitely not an anti-smoking Nazi, though, and will allow people to smoke in my house because I hate where the antismoking crusade leads, and has LED already. Not many smokers ever DO smoke in my house though, because they've all been made to feel so badly about smoking they can't believe I'm serious and not judging them silently.

Incrementalism is creepy shit.

Joan of Argghh! said...

I've never smoked, and have no active opinion of folks who do. I only mourn the loss of the phrase, "do you mind if I smoke?" and the courage of folks who do mind to simply say, "yes, I do mind."

And then have everyone be adult about it. The request being sincere in its intent to not impose, the reply being sincere in its desire for comfort.

I provide ash trays and a beautiful waterfront balcony for those who wish to smoke. I join them there for margaritas and then I light up a cigar. Sometimes I leave the door open just to have the smoky scents add a bit of interest into my home's atmosphere. It fades after a few hours and we go back to soggy doggy smells and old carpet.


Erica! Congrats to you, too! I know I must have seen you smoking, but I never "see" you that way in my memory, so it's kind of a shock to remember that you do. Did. I'm glad for your success.

Gaz said...

Aww, thanks Joan! You're the best :-)

Irrelephant said...

Joan, you rock for making that convenience available for those of us who responsibly enjoy tobacco. I haven't asked if I can smoke in someone's house in years since I have never needed tobacco so bad that I have to bring a pipe or cigar into someone's home. If, however, I know they're willing to extend the sort of comfort and gracious gentility as you do then I happily share my finest reserves with those wonderful people.

Brava, lady!