Oct 4, 2008

Community Organizers: Sedition in a Suit

I can't apologize for the another political post. I'm too old to want to move and start life over in a new country. I like this one. I've grown quite fond of freedom. Hopefully, you have, too.

Jimbo points to a long-forgotten item from the days when our National Nightmare began.

Go read it and remember, or read it for the first time. It's not about a difference of opinion. It's not a disagreement about approach. It's about murder, anarchy, and destruction perpetrated by members of Obama's Mentor Club.

Overthrowing the United States Government was the goal then. It is the goal now. They are very near their success.

You gonna vote for that? Or just keep closing your eyes and pretending it really is silly to believe anyone wants to destroy our country?

"Give us Barackkas!" may well be the will of 51% of our populace. October is the calm before the coming storm, no matter what happens.


Kim said...

You know what? This has been the main, the MAIN, point for me against whatsis. Even before everybody started blasting it all over. I find it difficult to get a handle on someone, who very recently, has accepted fundraising money, and, was on the board of directors of the foundation that Ayres began and was the recruited executive whatever for FIVE years. I'm sorry. Internal terrorism strikes me as a sticking point. I'll even bypass screwing your neighbor or a DUI. Seriously. Internal terrorism? For a presidential candidate to associate with?
I'm sure someone will say that all our government associates with strange governments to some degree for whatever gain, but the last I heard, no one, individually, was buddying up to some decrepit professor of education at the Univ. of Chicago who did what he did and his wife did what she did and wished they'd done more. Here.

Sorry. I got carried away.

Jim - PRS said...

It is beyond exasperating. His association with Ayers (the New York Times "hardhitting" investigation notwithstanding) would likely prevent him from getting a security clearance, and he's withing striking distance of becoming the Commander in Chief.

No big deal, right? Only guilt by association, right?

I'll bet I could walk out to second base in a packed Yankee Stadium and say, "Would anyone who ever was invited to the home of someone who blew up federal buildings please stand up?" and not a single ass would clear the chair.

I remember the Weathermen back in the Sixties. Bad, bad news.

PeggyU said...

Well, and no matter what angle you look at it from, it doesn't make it better. Ok, so give Obama the benefit of the doubt and say his connections with them were loose and coincidental. That doesn't alter the fact that these people are actively supporting him because they believe he will get them closer to their goals. And when in the past have domestic terrorists openly aligned themselves with any presidential candidate? This is no different than having a relationship with someone like Timothy McVeigh or the unibomber. Obviously time dims memories. Jim is right ... how many of us have even knowingly met a terrorist in passing, let alone visited one at his home?