Oct 26, 2008

Effective. Personal. Powerful.

...And it'll warm the cold, prickly cockles of your heart:

Practical, Public lessons in "redistributing the wealth."

You say you want a revolution? I can think of no better, kinder, and non-violent way to change hearts and minds. Don't miss the comments there.

Heaven knows, our government has seen that we don't object when they do it.

h/t to Mike at Cold Fury.


Mike Wilson said...

Then there's this gem: Demonopoly

Sal said...

Fabulous, Joan.

Just got off the phone with my child, who asked her Strategy for Success teacher if, since it was not a political science class, they could return to the subject instead of being lectured on the election for the Dem candidate.
The gal tried to marginalize her with "well, no one else objects", but the woman in front of her turned and whispered "Thanks, I didn't have the courage."
Proud of my kid.

WV:surgeoth. Goth surgeon? what you had?

Anonymous said...

heh ;~)

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

LOL! Funny (and true) lesson.
As were some of the comments (funny how a few tried to overanalyze the whole thing).

Good for your daughter, Sal!