Oct 2, 2008

Good Catholic Girls Don't Do Drugs

So, yeah, I'm no good at this, "wow, my head is so huge, and so far away from my hands," type of stuff too well. Freaking me out. Drugs are wasted on the wrong people I guess, cuz this stuff is not fun. I shoulda practiced more when I was younger, but, as the title of this post suggests, I never was a part of that scene. Thank God.

Of course, the JR being raised a Good Baptist Boy, means we became Episcopalians.

At the hospital they asked me what faith I preferred, and I told them, Catholic. Hey, when it's serious enough for a hospital stay, I don't want some woman-priest spouting New Age Deepak at me.

Wow, my ears are really ringing. Seriously, how do people enjoy drugs? I can barely tpye.

I must be hallucinating because I just heard that the No Banker Left Behind Act (I read that somewhere this morning, somewhere, heh) has provisions for wooden arrows and firewater. Are they expecting another uprising?


LeeAnn said...

As we used to say back in the... well, back there, relax and ride it out. And do NOT follow the little pink bunny into the closet, because that bitch is up to something bad. Trust me, I know this.

LauraB said...

PHEW! Your prior post covered things pretty well - tho I didn't get any photos of mine, bastards.

The ear ringing is the sedation meds - goes away after a few days. Hopefully.

At least the meds make it possible to laugh at the No Banker Left Behind (which, BTW, made me doa spit take).

Take care!

PeggyU said...

You are lucid even when drugged. Wooden arrows and firewater wouldn't surprise me. That legislation is thicker than a phonebook. Prolly all kinds of other unimaginable odds and ends in that thing.

joated said...

As laurab said above, your last post covered the bases. (Liked the Capitan Morgan image!) Hope you take it easy (as if you could do otherwise!) and make a swift and full recovery.

Erica said...

Refuah sh'leimah (a complete recovery), friend. I would listen to the wise words of The Cheese Mistress...ride it out, no pink bunnies...but sometimes just looking at the clouds could be quite comforting.

Irrelephant said...

Have you ever known a Catholic schoolgirl? 99% of the filth, flarn and filth (as well as drug use) I've ever encountered came from Catholic schoolgirls. The only sort of girl worse is a Pentecostal girl. I hear they're INSANE, and know like fifty different way to make a guy...

So I hear. *wink*

Keep getting well, 'kay?

Richard said...

Yes, the wooden arrows and Rum are in there (not that Rum is a bad thing, mind you).

The Rum thing just sort of got tagged on. It's been approved every year for quite a long time but since it got dumped into this bill everyone's raising hell about it. If they had a problem with it they should have done something last decade.

The arrows? Fuck if I know (can I say fuck here?)

Either way I think the entire thing stinks to high heaven.

Hope to see you in Helen next week!