Oct 10, 2008


Where are they?

I don't need George Bush's patronizing reassurances.

My measly portfolio is down 30% right now and my home value is down 40%. And so is yours, whether Democrat or Republican.

Why are we not seeing Dodd, Frank, Waters, Raines, et al, frog-marched?

Yes, I'm just viscerally sickened enough by this to want to go Roman on these politicians. The People need a virtual effigy of some, ANY politician's career to go down in flames, shame, and pain.

Nobody's gonna lose their job over this mess... except McCain, apparently. Why isn't GOP leadership calling LOUDLY for heads to roll? I don't care if the media is ignoring the GOP, they need to figure out how to get their message out. Have a march, buy a pre-fab home, set it on fire, or demolish it with their bare hands and beat it with sledgehammers with various names on each handle. Make outrageous noise. Burn an ACORN banner in effigy. Stomp on an ACORN banner. Burn a mortgage. Here, take mine!

I know, I know. Too gauche and unsophisticated. What would their pals in D.C. say, as they sip their champagne? Gah. We're so screwed.


Robin Starfish said...

Since you're already in mood indigo, here's some more spike material. Try not to hear all the big numbers thrown around. Best to put both hands on ears and scream real loud until the feeling goes away.

Watch for the 'eyelash lifter.' Says it all. Bastards.

dogette said...

"Nobody's gonna lose their job over this mess... except McCain, apparently."

Good point. Grrrr.

Jim - PRS said...

Silly goose. All the kook kidz know this mess is the result of eight years of George Bush's failed policies. It must be true, because Barack told me so.

Anonymous said...

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