Oct 13, 2008

Hmmm. Fishing line sprouting from mah belleh.

Adding insult to injury Department:

The Super Glue so liberally applied to my surgery scars is wearing off after almost two weeks and so, steeling myself to the peeling-- trying not to tickle myself-- away and off with the glue. Such a relief!

I tug gently at a stubborn glue strand, only to find monofilament line protruding from my flesh! Gah! It's an internal stitch that should've stayed inside.

No problem. I snip it away.


It leaves a small, sharpish point that catches on my clothes.

Just great. Great. I have no idea what the solution to this will be.


Went to work today. Lasted 3 hours before the pain was too much and my legs started shaking with weakness. Guess I'm not Super Woman, after all. I came home to my nest in the papasan chair, after popping a coupla Advil and having a nice er... muscle relaxer.

Plans for tonight are to pop a percocet and watch The Sarah Conner Chroni.... zzzzzzzzzzzz.


Jean said...

Easy does it, girlie! It is not yet time to push :-)

Irrelephant said...

Wow, that's....creepy. *lol* No rushing, we warned you. *S* Sit in that big papasan (gods I miss mine) and let the sun soak into your skin and heal. Kay?

Anonymous said...

And why did you have surgery? Just wonderin'.

Joan of Argghh! said...

My innards wuz being all rebellious, and growing a strange, alien-like garden of pain.

I had my pod person removed.


LauraB said...

Snap! Yesss...the prickly nature of modern medicine. The staples were fine by me in the former surgery compared to the now irritating in sensitive places knots beneath the flesh that are just not gonna dissolve soon enough for MY taste.

Or was that sharing too much?

GUYK said...

I just put a piece of tape over the fishing line

PeggyUppiano said...

May as well lie low and let it just heal! An excuse for slacking if ever there was one!