Oct 23, 2008

The Last Republican Male in Leadership

And the GOP hung him out to dry, as did the self-righteous Religious Right.

But he's the only one that tells the truth.

Now there's a man with a sense of history, and boldly unafraid to label the MSM as Communists! Newt is possibly the greatest political mind of our time. And certainly, the only GOP leader with a sense of history and meaning beyond the personal pocketbook.


Now, we have to make do with Joe the Plumber and Sarah the Hockey Mom. And that's okay, the Elites in London called us "country cousins" way back in 1776.

We kicked their ass, all the same.


mushroom said...

Thanks, Joan. It has become so blatant this time around that the election is no longer McCain vs. Obama, but America vs. the Elite Media. As the dinosaurs lose increasing numbers of readers/viewers, they are desperate to restore the left to power and silence their new media competition via a zombie version of the "Fairness Doctrine".

QP said...

I watch, oh maybe 5 hours of TV a week, but I caught Newt's call-out last night. Newt is Hombre.

John Holton said...

He was my Congressman, and I was really pissed at him for leaving because the media dug up the dirt on him. I think I've forgiven him enough, especially the way he's taking the press and the LSM to task. The GOP needs to put him in charge of the RNC, and listen to him.

dogette said...

I've always loved Newt, especially when it wasn't "popular" to do so. I agree re: greatest mind; I read every book he writes.