Oct 10, 2008

Like Some Bad Prison-Chick Flick

I went and got all my hair chopped off. The back of the do is above the collar. Short. (Sure, that's me there on the left... if you squint your eyes and fuzzy them up, you can almost imagine it.*ahem*)

My hair hasn't been this short since I was in 5th grade.

The DIL says, "Sassy!"

That's me. Sassy. Oy.

Who knows why I did it. I think I'm in mourning for my 401k.

Time for some Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka.

And some big-ass hoop earrings.


Paul said...

I kind of figured you'd enjoy that vodka. Aren't you glad I talked the old man into picking that up? (not that it takes much prodding to convince either of you to purchase alcohol...)

Joan of Argghh! said...

Ow! Take the knife from my heart!!


mushroom said...

No, no, don't lock me up with her! Anything but that.

Erica said...

Oh, Joanie...quitchyer whinin'! Ya prolly look like Jessica Rabbit, or Ginger from Gilligan's Island, with your fiery new girlish bouffant. Work what the Good Lord gave you, sister.

dogette said...

Speaking of bad prison-chick flicks, ever see the OLD OLD OLD Australian women-prison drama, "Prisoner: Cell Block H"? OMG it was funny in that unintentionally funny way.

Anonymous said...

Hold on a sec! I suppose you forgot, that's the AUTOGRAPHED pic you sent me, your #98th top fan! Sheesh. Imagine, all this time ......... ;~)

PS Relax, it's McPalin in a landslide. Question is how to exert influence AFTER they're ensconced. heh heh heh :~\

Jean said...

I can see that do on you... and the results are, of course, gorgeous!

ligneus said...

I second that, you're totally gorgeous.

Omnibus Driver said...

Oddly, I just did the same thing. And had it dyed deep auburn, too.

Sassy chicks. Yup. That's us.