Oct 12, 2008

Memo to Frank Rich and MoDo

McCain and Palin are NOT inciting their base to rage.

The base got there pretty much by way of the Mainstream Media of which you are a part.

Heck, we've had to drag McCain, kicking and screaming, across any sort of line that looks like a passionate defense of Conservatism, since he isn't a Conservative.

No, the base has watched you and your disingenuous ilk bloviate about your superior knowledge of All Things (in Latin, yet!) and we've listened to you try to explain our mindset and point of view as though you understand us perfectly. Which you don't, and can't, having been isolated and unchallenged seriously by critical thinkers who differ from you.

And now you mostly report on each other, so stimulating is your narcissistic circle-jerk of wonderfulness!

So the Conservative voters, like a minority of years gone by, have been marginalized, ignored, villified, mocked, misrepresented, demeaned and derided. Just because we work hard and want something to show for it besides the ingratitude of our government, our elected officials, and the so-called oppressed poor whom we support more comfortably than we can afford for ourselves after taxes. And we're excoriated for that, too:

Now even the dimmest bloviators have figured out that Americans are riveted by the color green, not black — as in money, not energy.

Well gee, Mr. Rich, to borrow a phrase, "what's in your wallet?"

None of this even scratches the surface of the violence done to Conservative ideals in the last 40 years. Even in the last eight, with constant mockery of George Bush, with complicit silence on success in Iraq, with outright lies being repeated by a Media that I am now convinced, knows better. We're emaciated by a diet of omissions, po-mo narratives, vehement intolerance of spirituality, and a Hollywood machination of mockery that is unchanging in content and predictability; ubiquitous in distribution.

And now, now at the last, we are expected to shut up and take it when the Anarchists seek to discredit the system by opening it up to all manner of fraud and unreliability. And no proposed solution will be seriously considered to be effective by the screamers and deconstructionists with whom you associate to the exclusion of everything else.

I hope you like the world you've created by silencing the voices of polite dissent.

Me? No more running. I aim to misbehave.



dogette said...

I got my Brownshirt "Aim To Misbehave" t-shirt and wore it yesterday.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Damn, I gotta get one of those.

Of course "aim" is likely to be a word that will be banned soon. Guess I need to put that one on my list.

Wondering Woman said...

Right arm, Sister, right arm. I swear I was on my feet by the end of your rant...........

Anonymous said...

Turning a phrase is your ....... well, ah, um, uh you set me to laughing. Yeah, you funny too! heh heh heh xo