Oct 6, 2008

Obama: As Authentic as Kwanzaa.

He's a manufactured political holiday from responsibility. And just as phony. He's a political Kwanzaa.

You need proof?

For somehow his journey had led him to Trinity Church, surrounded by the people from his neighborhood including many he had helped. And there, swept up in the waves of their singing with tears on his cheeks he knew why he was there. He knew who he was, and where he belonged."

Good thing he disassociated himself from that church, huh? Good grief, just go look at the pics and review there. And there's more at Gateway Pundit.

More proof? Here ya go. Didn't Kwanzaa begin as a school curriculum? You think these books aren't being read aloud to school children?

The Obamacons may want to quiz the FBI/CIA on this.

It would be just like them to invent Obama. I'll leave it to you to discuss why.


pamibe said...

Both manufactured for a purpose...!

Sarah said...

"Political Kwanzaa"!!! That's WAY better than the time I said he was the political Anna Kournikova.

I love it!