Oct 27, 2008

Penn State University Troll: Get off my lawn. Updated. Like you care.

Some Penn State child student (prof? Same product of an inept school system, so yeah, could be a prof) is trolling my website and signing up for a Blogger account for the mere privilege of telling me I'm a nutter.

I wish I could say I'm flattered, but, it got here by way of Velociworld, and that would give anyone pause. You know that no Lefty visits Vman on purpose, so they must have been googling all sorts of vile search terms to arrive at Velociman's place. Heck, the guy hardly writes anything anymore and still gets something like 500 hits a day, people looking for Lobster Boy or Anomalies of a Sexual Nature or other weirdness. Just reading Vman's sitemeter searches is enough to deprave your innocence.

[Update: it seems Vman has incurred (emphasis on cur) the wrath of no lesser intellectual lights than Wolcott and Sullivan, who on a good day would be hard-pressed to write a tenth as well as he. Jealousy is such an unattractive feature for these gals.]

That said troll named itself so boldly as "BloodOfPatriots" really puts the rotten cherry on the shit-sundae of political blindness it exhibited in its short visit. And to think my little essay on McCain's Juggernaut provoked someone to jump through so many hoops just to say something totally lame.

I find that funny because it took me less time to write it than for the little perv BoP to reply to it.

I know. This post isn't as good as Dogette's Comment Hell, but I'm late for work.


dogette said...

So whatever you wrote upset BandOfPanties (er, whatever) enough to actually go *register* for an account and then write stupid shit that never saw the light of day? I'm in awe of your Comment Hell powers, missy. In AWE.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh, I let it see light of day. It's in the "stocks" so to speak. Fire at will with the rotten tomatoes!

BoP= BunchedOfPanties

LauraB said...

Doesn't that just AMAZE you - that people will spend that much time just to be able to secret squirrel a comment?

It's as tho half the US is composed of 13 year old girls, now.

Well, 13yo's who like V-man's offerings. So to speak. Which thought fills me with...angst, I think. It's that or the Texmex.

PeggyU said...

Joan: You and VMan ... I love the way you write! I don't know what exactly it was about that particular post of his ... maybe all of those people own pale purple Pacers and are into buggery or something. Velociman certainly did unleash something. I liken it to a toilet overflowing, only less pleasant.

PeggyU said...

... No, actually, pale puce Priuses would be more likely...

Joan of Argghh! said...

Heh. thanks.

Now get over to Vman's and try to be the millionth visitor!

og said...

These fucktards would love to have the talent you ladies and Vman leave in a good crap. Most of them are such selfserving assholes it would be a service to mankind to bury them in a pile of cowshit- but the cowshit never did anything to me.