Oct 26, 2008

Personal Note - Please skip this post.

I'm not really fit for human company these days.

I try very hard to stick with the vague edges of circumstance at the Pirate Palapa, or my job, or my health. All of which bore me, much moreso my poor readers who stumble through here on their way to better fare.

It's been four weeks since surgery. I'm now gaining strength; it should fill me with all sorts of warm-fuzzy happiness. But it has not. Not yet, anyway. I hate taking meds and painkillers until I really, really need them. [Rum counts as a pain-killer, Joan. -ed.] Argghh! This all just grates on my attitude.

Until I figure it all out, it's just not safe for me to be commenting on your blog. So, just look for my pirate town addy on your blog meter and know I love you guys.

If you see me in your comments, kindly remind me to go back home to my own blog. Trust me on this.

Post Script: The corpses pictured above are not just for show; you can go buy your own.

I think a caption contest is in order. The Maximum Leader won the last one. He has yet to tell me where to send his gold doubloon prize.


pamibe said...

Pirates are allowed some down time... and plenty of rum ta go with it!

And you could write anything in my comments and I'd consider it gold; heck, if you instructed us in the proper care and feeding of ring tailed lemurs I'd consider us a lucky bunch of landlubbers.

Hang in there, Joan! Hope you feel better!

LauraB said...

Your very worst, m'dear, is better than my best. Comment at your leisure. (Besides, if you don't, I may have to send you a Before picture. Now THAT'S something to make you take to drinkin'...)

QP said...

I know. I suspect your body needs maybe two more weeks of moaning and medicating. Soon you'll be better than evah!

Sal said...

"Oh, I stopped listening a long time ago."

Please take the pills. If you stress your body out with pain, it takes longer to heal. That's why they're there.
Fell better!

Sissy Willis said...

You figure it all out, girl. You can do it. 'Loved your latest comment at my own blog. McCain is going to win it in a landslide!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Sissy, you didn't send me back home. See? I've been bad, commenting where I can get into trouble.


USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Listen to Sal, Joan (yeah that'll get her motivated).
Eat some rum soup with whine dumplings or somethin'.

Oh, and try to sleep a lot.
Time goes by faster and you can have really cool dreams.

Of course, you can also have really bad nightmares...

Get well soon!