Oct 15, 2008

UpdatedPut Obama's $800k to Work for the Good

The Beginning of Misbehavings.

Assume an attitude of oppression. Easier and easier to do these days.
Find your local ACORN office.
Fill out a bunch voter registration forms with ACORN. (Obama's campaign has given them $800k.)

Register as Democrat.

Everybody use just one name:

Jack Kopf,

and one address:

950 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, D.C. 20530-0001

Let them get all the early voting ballots by the thousands.

Bonus: your taxes have already pre-paid the postage for the ballots.

UPDATED: A'ight. I know it's not practical or prudent, but it could be fun. However, Ace actually has a good idea cooking over at his place. Whether is you choose to be mischievious or munificent you gotta get off your duff and actually do something. Doing something now is easier than defending something later.


Jim - PRS said...

Never saw an ACORN person. ACORN doesn't bother with Jersey. No need. Jersey's in the Obama bag.

Velociman said...

Excellent advice. I'll end up being the only person in all 57 states to go to prison for vote fraud.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Well, yeah, but aren't you a patriot?

Heh. If you don't use your real name, and they don't ask for ID as they sit primly at their card tables on the local campus lawn, hawking their registrations... I don't see how anyone can prove anything but an addlepated (in your case) attempt to register to vote.

The Solicitor General won't mind getting all the ballots. Honest!

PeggyU said...

Doing something now is easier than defending something later.

I agree ...or as my husband would say, it's much easier to get forgiveness than permission ...

When people fight dirty, how can you expect to play fair and win?

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

We only have at least 200,000 (in Ohio) to make up!
I'm signin' in as Obama Crack Corn.

Hey Velociman...you ever been in a Turkish prison?