Oct 15, 2008

They're Not Under the Bus. They're In the Dugout.

Jesse Jackson's little speech about Israel was not an "off the cuff" remark. It's a meme that's been roiling in the so-called Black community for a generation or two. He just said it out loud where non-believers and non-members of said community could hear it. It was a clarion call, unmistakable in its intent and target.

It's understood by the monolithic support base that Obama must cast aside any and every person that will make "non-members of the community" uncomfortable. Each and every person "under the bus" is actually just sitting down from a trip to the plate for a sacrifice bunt or fly. As soon as he's annointed King, you can bet they'll be up for another at-bat on Team Obama; as Cabinet members, judges, and State Department employees.


USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

I always wondered why these black theology radicals hate Jews.
Maybe they are jealous because the Jews are the most persecuted people in history and that somehow threatens them.

Or maybe the black radicals just have more in common with radical Muslims (and terrorist sponser states like Iran) ie terrorists.