Oct 31, 2008

Why Do We Need British People to Come Over Here and Yell At Us Before We'll Do the Right Thing and Fix our Kids, Restaurants, Hair and Clothes?

You notice none of them are having a reality show teaching someone how to run their Gun Store and Shooting Range.

Didn't think so.


Gecko said...

Pleeze send percocet.

mushroom said...

You know those old British army uniforms with the belt around the jacket halfway to your armpits? I was in the library Wednesday night and some bald dude was walking around in one of those. Right here in Ah-Murika. He had him a walking stick, too.

I'm sitting there in my boots, jeans, and baseball cap with the Primos game call logo, smirking. Do I go over and tell him Hollerween ain't 'til Friday, or do I ask him if he's some kind of Anglophile?

That's a mighty long title.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Yeah, I'm experimenting with the Google Reader. I mean, nobody's reading my stupid posts anyway, so why not just get to the point in 100 words or less?