Nov 10, 2008

The Accidental Copy Writer

I casually tossed around a perfectly fine descriptive in my comments, and it has been stolen by the inimitable LibertyGirl.

But, she's welcome to it, since I threw it her way.

Because , if you ever need a cathartic session of Political Paintball, she's your gal. Go visit and make sure your computer screen has a nice layer of Teflon.


Other good resources: Jim Ryan has a nice couple of blogs and he has graciously linked me in the last couple of days. For good commentary on philosophy, catch his Philosoblog. But even handier is his other blog. For days like these, you may need to bookmark The Founders' Constitution.

And if you haven't seen the video of the "ready to rule from day one" gaffe warning, Pamibe's place has the vid and a recalcitrant attitude to go with it. Her commenters are turning into a buncha pirates!


Jim Ryan said...

Hats off to you again for this series of posts.

I'm off to the local Libertarian Party meeting this week. A bit apprehensive. Will it be bongs, Ayn Rand, and free sex? Well, anyone who wants to axe the gummint earns a look-see these days.

The Founders Constitution is amazing and is only $50, btw. Five fat volumes of founding documents, sold at cost by the publisher.

Liberty Girl said...

Bah, I eat Teflon and crap bullets.

Saves money at range time, I tell you that.

pamibe said...

My husband is truly a pirate... ;)