Nov 16, 2008

Answer-key to Post-Election Questions

The Good News: All those questions I was badgering you with last week?

Mark Steyn has answered them for you. You gotta love it for being so succinct:

That’s the problem, and pulling the lever for a guy with an R after his name every other November isn’t going to fix it. If the default mode of a society’s institutions is liberal, electing GOP legislators eventually accomplishes little more than letting a Republican driver take a turn steering the liberal bus. If Hollywood’s liberal, if the newspapers are liberal, if the pop stars are liberal, if the grade schools are liberal, if the very language is liberal to the point where all the nice words have been co-opted as a painless liberal sedative, a Republican legislature isn’t going to be a shining city on a hill so much as one of those atolls in the Maldives being incrementally swallowed by Al Gore’s rising sea levels.

However the election had gone, conservatism’s fractious precriminations – David Frum vs Tony Blankley, Mark Levin vs Peggy Noonan – would be set to continue. But the lesson of the last grim year is that it’s not merely about candidates or policy or electoral strategy. We have to get back in the game in all the arenas we’ve ceded to liberalism – from kindergarten to blockbuster movies.

The Bad News: It looks like a lot of work. And no mention of guns and other shortcuts.


Anonymous said...

It starts with the schools, and we've lost the schools. My grandchildren are fed liberal propaganda dressed up as fact. Worse, my children were fed the same fertilizer, so they see nothing wrong with their children's curriculum.

How do we get the schools back? Teachers' unions ensure that none but those with a decided leftist tilt will be allowed to teach children. Teachers' colleges routinely turn out good socialists to turn out good little socialists. The deck is stacked and I'm not optimistic.