Nov 12, 2008

Bucaneer? A high price for corn.

Whoa, I just got back from grocery shopping. A simple can of corn I needed for a recipe costs $1.50.

I'd like to thank all the ethanol-huffers for that brilliant bit of sticker shock

Peanut butter? I didn't qualify for the loan.

Bread? Almost $4 a loaf for my favorite whole grain. I demurred. Bread is overrated after all.

I'm talking store-brand prices on these items, not the premium trademarked versions.

The clerk saw my eyebrows locked in combat and asked if he could help me find something.
"Better prices?" was my sad reply. We exchanged furtive, sympathetic glances as I cajoled my embattled cart around the endcap full of BedHead supplies and onto new price horrors.

I thought Halloween was only two weeks ago.

Heigh-ho. I had a pleasant exchange with my favorite check-out clerk, both of us agreeing that a flat, fair tax would be so much better for the economy, which of course made us both stop, give that, "yeah, right" look and then continue with the bloodletting.

I have no idea how much I spent, but I did reward her with one of my favorite gifts, a shiny gold pirate doubloon. She's earned it, over the last few years of dealing with my nonsense.

If you can't beat the economy, refuse to be humbled by it.

On the bright side, chicken leg quarters were 50 cents a pound. Roast chicken dinner for four, for under $5 dollars! Which is filling the Pirate Palapa with the smells of garlic and home and everything that's better than politics.

Live well, me hearties. If only to exasperate the the 52'ers.


Irrelephant said...

You ought to try raising chickens in the back yard. *grin*

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Just wait 'til they invent chickenol.

Irrelephant said...

I'll be RICH! Free range, all organic fuel!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Wait a minute... what do you feed the chickens???