Nov 6, 2008

C'mon, CSI Fans, Examine the Cadaver

Don't make me stop this car!

If you don't believe it's truly dead, you can't deconstruct the elements that led to its demise.

Disease isn't pretty. It's usually offensive, and nobody wants to be told they should have smoked less or exercised more.

Don't get offended or assume I'm advocating a Christian Right, a Skinhead Reproduction Revolution, or a Garden Party Party.

You can do this... c'mon. Examine the facts and ask simple questions. Occam's Razor applies here.

If your ideas are superior, how do you prove it? How did your party leaders fail to prove it? Why are you still a Republican? What can you do to reproduce your ideas?


Robin Starfish said...

Until Conservatives are finally willing to give up the golf game for the church picnic, and the wave-riders and snowmachines for extra time at home and with neighbors, the insular nature of the Individualist Conservative will secure its demise from the national stage. I'm nothing if not about choice, but if Conservatives aren't having kids, then why should they be surprised if their numbers are decreasing?

Goin' back, way back.

Wull, I dunno about conservatives having any less kids than liberals (one by choice, the other by pro-choice), but yes, some side effects of the American Dream produced too many creature comforts and diversions that weren't earned first. Credit, baby! Who got hurt the most by the credit crisis? Conservatives. The ones with the most fake money.

Comfortable people don't need to think, don't need to act, don't need to examine base principles and put them into personal action. Some do anyway of course, 'cuz maybe the P&M brought them up right, but by and large they don't. Why bother?

So this new era has to happen, for better or worse. If true liberal conservatism makes a comeback, it will be on the backs of our people who suffer - and that's not necessarily a bad thing, except a lot of those people will be our grandkids and that hurts to know.

As for the other side of the post-mortem, wait a year or maybe even less for the MSM and his ardent supporters to start ripping President Half-Af a new one. Hell, it's already starting, a couple days after the election. One thing Dems are good at is self-destruction, so don't believe they suddenly found a permanent cure just because they won their utopian election.

Conservative politicians, if there are any uncorrupted ones left, will then have an opportunity to stem the tide, but it can't be with any of the current crop stuck on their idiotic talking points. Won't be anyone we now know of, but someone capable of Changing the Change. Like JoA, riding to DC with sword and steed.

Well shit, that probably didn't make any sense, but politics ain't my strong suit. Not that I have a strong suit. I have a threadbare suit though that I use for funerals. Prolly should get it dry-cleaned before the next one. Mine, most likely.

Good place to vent at least. I surely do enjoy yours, having actual thought behind them.

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