Nov 12, 2008

First Volley: My Letter to the RNC Chair

I sent this last Sunday night, before talk of Newt or Steele taking over. I'm not especially proud of it, but if I waited until I could pony up politically correct and decorous salutations I don't think I'd have ever sent it:

RE: Do Not Resuscitate

Dear Mr. Duncan:

The Media has successfully branded the GOP as the Idiot party and I finally agree with them.

I don't want to have to rewrite it all, so here's the links to my blog appeals for everyone to let the beast die.

Note especially the younger Republican women in this discussion, too.

I really don't care if you read it all or any of it, because at this point, I don't want to help the GOP revive. I've mourned it, I'll miss what it used to be, and I'm sorry you have to preside over such a zoo.

The Republican Party has been the absentee father to its family, a pretty nice group of folks who used to love it and just wanted some respect and recognition for those of us not in the Beltway and Media bubble.

I do know how to write a more respectful letter, but I'm too... I just don't care. It saddens me. And being nice and respectful loses wars, whether they be real battlefields or the fields of ideas. So I guess this will just have to be what it is.

And it can only be one of two things:
1.You are not afraid for your country, you are afraid for your jobs. I think the current "trend to spend" proves this.
2.You want to do the right thing, but you are cluelessly out of touch with your base, and have lost your vision.

I hope to God in all sincerity, you, or the incoming chairman can prove me wrong. But I've been hoping that ever since everyone kicked Newt to the curb.



pamibe said...

Excellent letter. I wonder how many of those have shown up? A lot of people are angry...

What about the Conservative Party? Too soon? Not enough clout?

Joan of Argghh! said...

I haven't met a Republican since nov. 4th who hasn't referred to themselves as "former" republican.

"Conservative" is too stunk up as a brand, as well.

It's gotta be more diaphanous, fog-like and hard to pin down. Like Obama.

PeggyU said...

Joan: How about Constitutionalist?

Joan of Argghh! said...

How about The Freemarket Party?


Mike Wilson said...

Damn solid. Love it.

christian soldier said...

Glad you wrote it ...well stated!

I've made calls to RNC-CRP-NRSC-

The evil party and the stupid party -get together and create evil -stupid laws and policy...

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Maybe now that the leftists renamed themselves "progressives" we can call ourselves classical liberals.

Naw. Not enough classical lovers anymore.

I still like the American Party, but AP looks bad. So mebbe the USA Party.