Nov 8, 2008

Grumpy Old Men and Stuffy Old Biddies

I had this blog post title in mind a few days ago, but Lindsy Graham beat me to it. But his cheerful little bit of thoughtful self-examination sounds like someone coached it to him. I like my version better.

BTW, The montage at left, are all pictures I found on the first page of a Google search for each of these so-called Republican leaders.

Meanwhile, in an earlier series of posts I have eulogized the Republican Party and posted D.N.R. orders for the doctors. I'm sure they're not impressed by my post, but they sure are stepping all over each other to be the first to say they see the problem.

I am doing my best to beg you not to revive the wrinkly old Pachyderm of Politics.

Because, like it or not, it's past saving. Just take a look. It doesn't matter what you see, this is what the Media, the Internet and the politicians themselves have created.

I know. You think you see someone there you like, don't you? Romney. Maybe. You're still afraid of being called and idiot, aren't you? You still hope we can pull this off without a lot of personal investment. Please just let someone else see to it... We'll see.

Moreover, there seems to be an agreement of experience among many women bloggers who have found that they either don't fit in with the stuffy old crabcakes at most Republican Women's Clubs or are plainly rebuffed. Over at Dogette's, go read, and tell me if you think there's much left to save. Not of our Ideals, but of our ideas and the people who put them forth.

Nothing Left to Lose

Our Republican leaders have held onto power by scaring us, telling us we don't want to see a Democrat majority with a Democrat President. So, we keep on re-electing them, fearing third-party Ross Perot losses to Clinton-like candidates. And the Old Guard refuses to yield any real voice or power to the younger pups who I believe are every bit as smart when it comes to what is True. They may be green on how to leech more cash from lobbyists or taxpayers, but that's not exactly a strike against them. Well hello, the Democratic majority is here now. And the Big Dogs are toothless to stop it.

It's time to put every single Republican leader on notice: you're out. This will accomplish one or two things: They will know they are toast and will man-up and do whatever it takes to assuage their Base. Or, they will pander even more with empty promises to you and very fat promises to their lobbyists and other freeloaders. But wait! Your part here is important, because no matter what sort of backbone they exhibit at this point is too little too late. You will thank them for their late efforts and politely kick them to the curb. Hard.

And that means the doors will open for younger Joe Citizens to fill those places. Fer cryin' out loud, look at some of the dimwits (certifiable, not just a jejune insult) on the Left side of the aisle. Our Constitution is actually, you know, right there for new leaders to read and learn and defend. They don't need to be lawyers.

Honestly, it took Robert Byrd until age 95 to step down and the Democrats are going to replace him with an 84 year old. We should be able to use that to some advantage, don't you think?

Also, when was the last time you ever saw any sitting Republican politician call bullshit on the Media's lies, right to their faces? Do you really want to resurrect tired old leaders who have played the game way too long and now look like The California Raisins, or would you rather populate your Congress with smart, savvy younger folks who don't mince words? Exhibit A: worth every minute of your time:


PeggyU said...

I like the way she confronts the press, confronts them again, and again ... the reporter that asked about the NY Times article seems to get increasingly fidgety though!

Ex-Dissident said...

i want another chance to vote for her.

pamibe said...

I hope Palin comes back in 2012. Her voice grates on me after awhile, but I love what she's all about.
I was surprised at the conservative women who seemed to loathe her on sight; that I don't understand.

What happened to term limits? I don't understand how someone could turn 95 in office. That just... argh.

I dreamed last night that I went to Ted Kennedy's funeral... then it got weird. But really... don't all the old guard need to go?

GUYK said...

I have some hopes that Palin as well as some other of the 'young Turks' leave the GOP and join with a new political that rejects the tired old politics of the recent GOP past and offers a new approach to approach that tells us that we can get by with a damn sight LESS government instead of more.

I figure that by 2010 the public will be seeing how the socialists want to take away freedom..all in the name of the public good...maybe those who wanted change will see that it was really dollars they wanted..

christian soldier said...

Thank you for showing the entire Palin interview...
The Alarm Clock is great too-
....looking at it for a couple of gift purchases....

Michael said...

*note to self: don't piss off Joan*

Richmond said...

Great vid - thanks for posting it. I am glad my trust in SP was not for naught... The media *was* the big loser here - things will never be the same...

folly said...

God please let her run in 2012.

That was one of the most awesome interviews ever. Not an "um" anywhere. She thrashed them on the clothes reporting, be called them on the double standards, she tossed some good Alaska PR in there.

I think I need to move to Alaska. It gets cold, but I have a coat.