Nov 24, 2008

I am BEGGING the RNC to Bail Out the Networks with Campaign Money

I vow I will, by all that is righteous, begin donating hard cash to the RNC if they will promise to personally bail out the TVNetworks.

In exchange for broad access to and promotion of RNC educational programming.

The RNC needs to get busy putting together its historic and core message and get it into schools via "educational" programming.

They're only 40+ years behind on this crucial tactic.

More: I've also left this idea at Michael Steele's new website, too. I am dead serious.

Look, with all deference to Mr. Nugent, I'm not ready to "get in my neighbor's face" with Truth until I have somewhere decent to point them to as a repository of it. Mr. Steele is, as far as I can tell, a nice man. He wants all kinds of new programs, doesn't that just thrill you?

If we just must have new programs, how about putting money into things that people will actually, you know, see and hear in their daily routine? Set up an educational foundation for TV Networks that gives them nice cash, provided they hire young and visionary Republican producers, writers, and actors (all guild members, of course!) to produce educational programs, documentaries and such, with a further provision that these same programs be made available to local elementary schools free of charge.

All this "positive message" crap has absolutely no traction without street-level influence. Newt is a tactician. He can crank out street-level ideas by the thousands. Steele is a politician. He has no ideas, so he's asking us for some. Here's an idea: Put money where it does the most long-term value-added, increasing returns good; in the minds of the mindless TV watchers. The TV is a dream machine, and it's been used to spin hollow slave-dreams of perpetual oversight and compassionate "mothering" for FREE! The RNC has NOTHING on the ground that will counter that.

Put some damned money into grant programs for small educational franchises, books, plays, TV shows, community activities that are fun. Stoop down from Washington to raise up the middle class workhorse that has sustained your fine lifestyle for so long, Senators, Congressmen, RNC leaders, lobbyists and other party toadies. Too proud to associate with the middle class? Too proud to teach a child?

I repeat: Think, RNC! How did you get your political ass handed to you?


QP said...

100%, totally agree with your reasoning and this strategy. I have looked into my crystal ball and I have seen, THIS work is your future.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh no, you don't! Humunna mumunna nobody's hearing nuthin'!

QP said...

In case you missed this at Gerard's earlier. (It's more inspiration for your muse.)

Joan of Argghh! said...

Wow! I loved that!! Stunningly beautiful writing, too.

Now I'm going to have to devise a "which Little Rascal Are You?" quiz!

Ex-Dissident said...

People have stopped reading, and when you read you are forced to think. This generation doesn't think and can only be led by someone glitsy and "fabulous". A bunch of rats marching to the tune of the piper.
You say, lets play a different tune for them to march to, and it sounds inspiring but I disagree. Your plan falls apart when you look at the details. What do people watch? They watch action movies, american idol, oprah. Fox tried giving equal voice to conservatives in their news programs, but most people simply ignored them. I just don't think you will be able to convert the mindless dreamer to a rational thinker with entertaining programs. You need people to read again.

I agree that we also need a greater voice and I would rather invest into a new generation of conservative speakers. Rush has gotten old, and we need some fresh faces. Teach your kids to love reading.

mushroom said...

I thought McCain used Youtube well early on. But Obama had his own satellite channel. Some of the problem in the last two cycles has been simply that the RNC has not had the cash it did between 1998 and 2004. It takes money to get your ideas out and define yourself.

Yes, the educational system is a critical target for long-term change.

Meanwhile, blogger bailout. Note to RNC -- Send JOAN money!

mushroom said...

Ho! "The Little Rascals".

Yes, Joan, politics can wait. Give us the quiz.

I'm pretty sure I'm Buckwheat.

I grew up in the country and roamed the hills with a firearm after I got glasses in first grade. I roamed before then but since I couldn't see crap beyond about 10 feet they limited me to a BB gun.

Our stock dog always went with me as a safety precaution. If she hadn't turned up to get the cows in at milk time, they would have probably come looking for me.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Ex-dissident, we need it all, but we have to start with what reality looks like on the ground.

We've lost on so many fronts that you have to grab what's available. Kids reading? You'd have to home school them. That front has been branded as "bible-thumping knuckle-draggers" by the Left and will soon be outlawed by Obama and Ayers.

Which should really tell us what the Left fears most: free speech, real education and loss of the oversight of our children.

It's a HUGE, FARKIN' CLUE, Republicans. Ugh.

Joan of Argghh! said...

'shroom, I like your bailout idea, but I, like Sarah Palin, am too gauche for the Republican Party.

They're way too insecure to include someone like me.


Richmond said...

Most excellent idea! And I would put some money where my mouth is on that as well...

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Yeah, get Jackie Mason on primetime. Create a funny Joe the Plumber sitcom. Get more shows like The Unit, one of the best and conservative military shows since Combat!

Conservative actors are few but they got talent. We just need some millionaire/billionaire conservatives to produce the shows and movies that teach without preachin', with real entertainment using (gasp!) reality for thousands of stories that never get told.

It's pretty bad that there still hasn't been a movie made since 9/11depicting our Troops as heroes.
Only The Unit has done this on TV.
They even showed Muslim terrorists and also showed how they treat 12 year old girls in a recent episode.
Brave, edgy and entertaining.

Apparently that's one of the few ways to reach the clueless voters that have no idea why they voted for Obama other than "he makes me feel good" crap.