Nov 16, 2008

The Indoctrination is Worse Than You Suspect, Mr. Steyn

Here's a "commercial" we were treated to in the theater today. It was before the actual film trailers, in between a Dove soap ad that we paid for, apparently, and a WalMart/Coke ad that we also subsidized with our ticket purchase. Once you see the movie, you'll see that this commercial picked the Bond movie just to make sure a new generation of Bond fans remember what's important. Or some shit like that.

But this really nukes the fridge, to be so politically subjected to patent "equivalency" programming after you paid to see an effin' movie. Maybe you should wait until Monday to watch this, because it sure made me mad to have to sit through it:

I'm sure your kids will be watching this during class as part of some sort of Earth Day observance. Centralized, national campaigns in education, in concert with the MSM and Hollywood, lead to very effective national campaigns for public office, non?

I am absolutely loathe to embed this again, but it's an effective reinforcement of the danger of letting someone else have your kids' minds and hearts. And yet, you still feel the MSM induced stigma and fear of being perceived in the same "ignorant" lump of drooling Bible-thumpers and Latter-Day harems if you kill your television and home school your kids. You are sooooo screwed:

Oh ho! A sweet palate cleanser, courtesy of QP, in the comments.


QP said...

Y'all need to move to Texas.

I live near Ft. Hood and this is what we saw at the cinema last night after the JCPenney ad.

Jim - PRS said...

Someone ought to give that little bastard a baseball glove and send him out to play. Then someone ought to slap the shit out of his parents.

Anonymous said...

Have to say I cheered when I heard, "shots fired. The captain's been shot!" Yes!

This is piracy on the high seas, and the best way to stop it is to decapitate the effort.

Wish I could get me a job pulling high security for that ship. Just me and my M1A.

Dubya Bee

Joan of Argghh! said...

WB, it was all I could do from shouting out in the theater, "ya dumb bastard! Ya died for a fish!"


Joan of Argghh! said...

QP, thanks for the link. I've added it into the post.

Texas is looking better all the time. Gotta get Tex and Alaska together in their very own States Rights oil cartel and tell Washington to "come get some."

John Holton said...

The commercial QP linked to is playing here in Georgia, too. If I had seen it when I was a kid, I'd sign up for certain.

As for the Animal Planet ad, I'd love to see them destroyed by a torpedo. Every time i see that, I get pissed that this is actually being promoted by a cable network that shows these assholes as heroes.

And yeah, I'm with Jimbo...

folly said...

If they ever need any private "security" on one of those whale killing vessels, they can let me know.

Attempting to ram ships in the open water, throwing explosives; I agree. Torpedo the bastards.

As for the video with the kid, sign him up with Greenpeace and get him out there as a captain. :)

Hey, I've got two teenagers, and I fight this stuff all the time. They hear things like that from school, from the teachers. Required reading includes treatises about global warming.

The science books have warming in them now. The history books have changed, very subtly, to show the average WASP as the bad guy.

It's hard enough keeping my own believing the truth; defending against propaganda is a full time job.

pamibe said...

Okay, I waited for Monday. Unfortunately it did nothing to blunt the idiocy.

I agree with Jim; give the little flower some sporting equipment then take Mom and Dad to the woodshed for a talkin' to. Ahem.

Liberty Girl said...

Husband is agitating for a move to Texas. The thought gives me hives. Maybe NORTH Texas.

QP said...

Muchas gracias for the linky thing. Big showdown in Texas coming this week on keeping the teaching of the "weaknesses" of Darwinism in the state's science textbooks. If we can hold on to free, open inquiry, this place, even south Texas, will get more attractive.

Gecko said...

Whoever is teaching this crap and making propaganda videos like this should be put away for child abuse.

pst314 said...

Now I want to club some baby seals. ;-)