Nov 25, 2008

It's Been Too Long Since

I gave you pics of the magnificent Pepper Dog. It took the J.R.'s cajoling, and bacon snacks to get her to pose this purty:

The Classic Blue Dog!

Here she is, gettin' her Hope on. Hoping for bacon.

"But I don't want you to point the cell phone at me!"

She'll run away to the porch if there's some sort of hint of nail trimming, or furminatin' or flea treatment. But we prevailed! Poor girl was in pain again yesterday. Luckily I still had the meds from last February. A little anti-inflam, a bit of pain meds, and she's a happy girl, running after the boy dogs and flaunting herself onto her back in front of them. Little Blue hussy!

Yep. She does get around:

This is a pic of the one of the famous works of George Rodrigue.
I think it's tiltled, The Other Brother. You can see the resemblance.

Rodrigue's Blue Dog series is so delightful, as is our own Blue Dog, who never ceases to make us laugh with her funny face and strange ways. She has a mind of her own and pretty much keeps her own counsel about how she feels about most parts of life except, of course, when it's time for the pack call (awooo!), offerings of bacon (wag!), and loathesome grooming implements (hide).

Oh yeah, I saw her do an "armadillo jump" the other day. Something in the marsh was looking at her and she jumped up about two feet in the air and came down hard about four feet into the grasses. She must be part snow fox. "SKAPLOOOSH!" went something really, really big. I strained on the leash to pull her back into sight. It had a very large sound and thumpage factor and I don't wanna know what's living in the marsh just below my balcony. But Pepper really, really wants to find out.


pamibe said...

Very cool photos! Love the armadillo jump! LOL!

C.S. Perry said...

The "Skaplooosh!" sounds suspiciously to me like a werewolf.
Don't kid yourself. They're making a comeback.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Werewolves? I would never kid myself about werewolves. I've been to London.

Zombies, however, are another matter. Better get your Apocalax sharpened.

LauraB said...

"Who's the handsome Pepper Dawg?!" Now that you know my dog baby-voice you can give it the right inflection. LOL

Thx for the linkage.
Like I needed that.
Happy Valentine's to us!!

PeggyU said...

Alligators? Do dogs instinctively avoid alligators, I hope?