Nov 3, 2008

It's Quiet Out There...

...too quiet.

Has the blogosphere exhausted its spleen, having vented it to the point of collapse? Or are we all gearing up for 2012? Ack!!!


You know where it's not quiet?

At the polls.

I voted last Thursday, in this podunk pirate town, and at 2:30 p.m. there was a steady stream of voters. Non-stop and in high dudgeon. The poor poll workers were frazzled and overworked. If you're waiting until tomorrow to vote, you're likely in for a long wait.

As it was, it went smoothly: I.D. verified, (a "racist" practice, I'm sure) paper ballots, felt-tip pens, printed receipt with my signature. Like anybody's going to actually double-check any of it if Obama wins Florida. Bring back single-day voting, paper ballots and add "purple fingers" I opined at the polling place.

This brought frowns from a large assembly who arrived en masse to vote. Nice to see the community organizers are spending my money as it was intended. Nice to see poll-watchers there, too.


dogette said...

And why ARE all the ballots white? Why can't we have black ballots with white print? Or brown ballots with black print? It's institutionalized racism, obviously.

Liberty Girl said...

I am hoping to get to punch someone tomorrow. A lot.

mushroom said...

Keeping my powder dry -- not for 2012 but for 11/5.

About 2:00am Central I expect extensive wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Or maybe whaling in a Nash with Pete.

joated said...

I agree with you on the one day for all voting. This earlybird stuff is crazy. Paper ballots make more sense, too. And photo ID checks in each and every precinct nation wide. And, for Odin's sake purge the rolls of the dead and departed! (They aren't always the same. I mean people do move around a lot.)