Nov 4, 2008

Jimmy Carter Finally Becomes Invisible


No matter what happens today at the polls or tonight in the streets, there will be no denouncement of voter fraud from the MSM, from Obama, from Hollywood, Jimmy Carter, or The World. (Eff' the World!)

That little bird flip of Obama's from yesterday? I totally buy that as Hate Speech. Intimidation.

Night-sticks and Black Panthers? No denouncement from Obama or Oprah or Jimmy Carter. I wasn't allowed to have a weapon near the polling place, why should any citizen?

Not the first cry of disenfranchisement from our former President, in sympathy for the citizens of the United States who were denied their vote.

And not one network will seek out the Nobel Peace Prize winner, the man from Plains.

At last, Jimmy Carter is irrelevant to the MSM.


John Holton said...

Jimmy Carter will forever be the Grinning Idiot from Plains, as far as I'm concerned. Maybe now he'll shut his pie hole.

Sal said...

From your keyboard to God's ears.

mushroom said...


An Obama victory, however, might make us long for the good old days of Jimmy Carter with gas shortages (at least I could usually get gas), double-digit interest, inflation and unemployment. It would also bump Jimmy down a notch (up a notch?) in the running for most incompetent president in U.S. history -- though he would still hold the 20th Century title.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

And 'eff ACORN!

The Amazing Ernie J. said...

Oh the fun we'll have....