Nov 26, 2008

The Middle Class and Captialism: Hunted to Extinction

Sarah Palin, like many others who hunt their own food, is the ultimate conservationist. She will not kill all the moose and caribou in Alaska, knowing that it would not serve her interest in having moose and caribou chili for years to come. And she won't kill the alpha leaders, knowing how valuable they are to a healthy and prosperous population. She is smarter than Pelosi, Frank, Dodd, Reid, and yes, Obama.

But Liberal so-called brainiacs want to deplete your most valuable resource: capitalism.

The middle class working stiff is the most amazing cash crop the world has seen. If you tax them, and the Corporations that employ them, into extinction, which is ultimately the Left's goal, you will be left with very, very rich government thugs and very, very poor peons. That is and has been the norm around the world since time began.

The miracle is not that capitalism works, but that it has been allowed to work for over 200 years, and has generated more real wealth and comfort for peons worldwide. What has stayed the hand of unchecked greed and jealousy until just recently? Any thoughts on that?

You may aver that capitalism breeds the worst sort of greed, but you would be wrong. Greed stands alone as a vice, not as a by-product of productivity and wealth. Cain and Abel. Jacob and Esau. As long as one person has even one thing more than their neighbor, covetousness will be a temptation. I have a neighbor that would throw me under the bus for a parking space near his condo. But the solution is NOT to kill your neighbor or make him lose his job so you can feel better about your penury.

As smart as the smartest person on earth might be, there are certain immutable Truths that even their powerful brain-pans cannot transcend: don't poop where you eat; don't eat the seed corn; don't kill the strongest of your herd, and birds of a feather will flock together--let them. There's a few more, but you get the idea.

You can try and try to legislate morality,or you can hope to at least corral the corruption and wild notions. But you'd better have a firm grip on conserving what is working.

Capitalism is working, whatever else may be failing. The free market is the most fair, unbiased, non-discriminatory and yet ultimate, arbiter of What Works. It always has been and always will. When you legislate it to death, tax it to the extreme, and vilify it as a cultural devil you are literally condemning the U.S. and the rest of the world to untold misery and further privation.

When you undermine Capitalism with government research grants, you undermine the ultimate outcome and success of your ends. I just read a Forbes article on the amount of money thrown at bio-fuels and solar energy boondoggles since the Jimmy Carter years. Not one of them has survived the viability threshold. Dead and gone. Your hard-earned and easily-taxed money bringing NO results. Thank your Congressman, won't you?

The Left sees the Middle Class and Corporate Capitalism as evil wolves at the door of your happiness.

They want the Middle Class to "behave", to shut up, to sit down, and die off, sooner rather than later. Then they can be happy. For a few days. Until their stomach starts to growl and the larder of resources is now filled with with the so-called "thinking class" of government sponges and government programs, but nobody to pay for them.

Pigs get fat. Hogs get slaughtered.

Unless you're the incumbent hog, I guess.

Regardless of what you read in the MSM, you still get the Truth every day, in your everyday thoughts: if it's good, I'll buy it. If it's a better value, I'll buy it instead. Your government, as it sits today, is NOT pro-choice for your simplest needs: education, self-protection, self-direction. The more you vote in programs, sweet-sounding programs, there will be less and less instances of instead. Now there's a flat and humorless place to live: the place of no choices, just eternal government care and rest from any challenges. The Left wants that for you, dear Captitalist.

Sounds like a grave to me.


pamibe said...

Yes, yes, a million times yes. Ironic, isn't it, that we so earnestly spread our truth to other nations so they can prosper as well, only to have it ravaged here at home?

I can't read the headlines anymore.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Yeah. And that includes all the so-called bailouts of capitalistic enterprises. BANKS. Weak minded solutions for weakly managed assets.

If there is no pain involved for these companies, they will be allowed to multiply and infect the whole population. Then they might as well be congressmen.

mushroom said...

Joan, this is powerful stuff. You're absolutely on the money on so many points. Pelosi is just rubbing her carefully manicured hands in glee at being able to mandate -- mandate what is produced for consumption by the little people.

And all that this TARP crap is intended to do is allow the banks to continue the same kinds of practices that created the problem in the first place. The only difference is the next time it craters, there won't be any possibility of pulling out of it.

You are on fire.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Halp! I'm on fire!!!

Douse me with a drink, somebody!


Thanks, 'shroomy!

I do so luv my choir!

QP said...

Touche J of A!

385 years ago Bradford and his band of survivors found out it's the incentives. Are human beings smarter than algae?

Liberty Girl said...

No, no, NO, you're clearly wrong. We capitalists are just greedy bastards, deliberately keeping money that we've EARNED away from the grasping grimy hands of those who HAVEN'T.

To the re-education camp with you!

Jean said...

You serve it up so rightly.
I genuflect before you.


Ex-Dissident said...

As mushrom stated: powerful stuff. I love your line: "Pigs get fat. Hogs get slaughtered."

While people might interpret this differently, what a great line to sum up your post. Who would have thought that a Republican controlled Senate, Congress, and 8 years of Republican presidency would usher in a government that mirrors the book "Animal farm." Do they still read this in schools?

Joan of Argghh! said...

QP: what an awesome and terrifying question!

LG: I'm gonna start wearing the "selfish" epithet like a badge. After all, wouldn't Oprah want me have good personal boundaries?

Jean: *mwuah* arise and go forth!

ExD: can't take all the credit. That line is the JR's favorite. It was his daddy's favorite, and likely, his grandaddy's fave. Good old Jawja wisdom.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Meanwhile, somebody want to tell me why this website is visiting here?


Don't they have plenty of offenders to supervise? I HATE it when ".gov" trolls my site.

PeggyU said...

That was wonderful! I have to send it to my husband ...

By the way, maybe the .gov visitor is simply a rare conservative government employee who enjoys your blog. It is possible. I hope it is simply that innocuous :)

GUYK said...

Yeah, one of the laws of Moses..and I figure the most important one is that taboo against coveting...but then I also figure that the slate had not even been broken before one of those Hebrews in the crowd was trying to figure how to get it for himself.

I have written many times that the best thing that our government can do right now is just to get the hell out of the way. Business is in business for one reason and one reason only and that is to make a profit. I just can't see why that is so difficult for the left wing to understand...but they will continue to tax, regulate, and pass laws to hinder business and then wonder why so much has moved offshore.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Peggy, I hope he likes it, and I hope .gov likes it, too. Really, really do.

Guy, your kind of common sense just isn't so common, is it?

Y'all peeps are teh awesome. I am thankful!

Van said...

“You may aver that capitalism breeds the worst sort of greed, but you would be wrong. Greed stands alone as a vice, not as a by-product of productivity and wealth. Cain and Abel. Jacob and Esau. As long as one person has even one thing more than their neighbor, covetousness will be a temptation.”

Yes indeedy and well said Joan.

“But the solution is NOT to kill your neighbor or make him lose his job so you can feel better about your penury.”

Solution? We don’t want no stinkin’ solootionz… we want excuses! Solutions you gotta work for and stuff like dat… Excuses, all you gotta do is mouth them, collect your sympathy, pump up your lefteous indignation, and continue right on with doin’ whatever you felt like covetin’ to begin with!

Solutions! Pshaw!
(the preceding was a paid political message, brought to you by the democratic committee for making changes in changing change for 2012)

Thomas Sebring Jr said...

GUY, you are so right on. Business exists to make money and provide services and goods. According to the left, business exists solely to employ people...hence all the unionization they push. But hey, government can employ people too, so why have business at all? Keep bailing out everyone who steps up to the trough, and they will all become government agencies; the Agency of Banking and Finance, the Automobile Manufacturing Bureau, AmSky, etc. The Clockwork Orange society is approaching.