Nov 14, 2008

Nuke Your Next Cocktail

Some people are so anal retentive detail-oriented that they are incapable of splashing a bit of this and that into a glass without first consulting five different online bartender sites. For these wonderful folks who deserve all our respect, I present to you a fitting offering for the Holidays, non-Holidays, Winter Solstice, or whatever the politically correct crowd will allow us to celebrate this year, (I'm guessing it's Kwanzaa).

I think I'll buy one just to properly celebrate Iran's eventual acquisition of the Bomb:

h/t: UnCrate


QP said...

(I'm guessing it's Kwanzaa). Ho!

Can I count on you to post the first set of directions for making a home distillery too? I'm thinking we'll need it about March '09.

mushroom said...

Get you a copper kettle,
get you a copper coil.
Cover with new-made corn mash,
and never more will you toil.

Just lay there by the juniper,
while the moon is bright,
watching them jugs a'fillin'
in the pale moonlight.

-- Copper Kettle

I'm not sure who wrote it.

John Holton said...

Come to think of it, it was called the Manhattan Project....

christian soldier said...

"...celebrate Iran's ...bomb."
LOL-that's too funny...

I've switched to straight Scotch ...but...come to think of it ...I haven't had a Manhattan in years....
going to buy the 'fixins' tomorrow..