Aug 6, 2009

Objectivity cont'd...

[Note: reposted from Nov. 08. It's tough being ahead of the curve. Like The Gunslinger, who nailed the Joker deal months ago.]

I know, my chopping skills are rudimentary at best, I only have MSPaint, but I kinda like it. I've been LMAO at shit like this for the last eight years, haven't you? It's hysterical!!

I know that the 52'ers can see it too, and will want to laugh with us now that we can all come together in one voluntary Camp Meeting and sing "O-ba-ma, My Lord, Come by Here."

Because the objective and enlightened know how to take a joke.

Those christers are unfunny peeps, though, I tell ya.


folly said...

Absolutely they can take a joke. I bet you won't get any hate mail or knocks on the door or black helicopters in your front yard over this at all.

After all, he wants to be my president, too. I do like the song though.

By the way, your chopping job is better than mine. :)

Joan of Argghh! said...

There's a finer point to this. I may or may not sharpen it for my readers. Might see if someone picks up on it.

Or not.

folly said...

I got the voluntary camp meeting reference (I've written about it), but I can't see the flags or clock well enough to put that fine a point on it.

Well done. I don't give up often...and I'm not sure I've given up quite yet.

Obamahitler doesn't have the same ring to it, though...

Doux said...

Fine point, yeah, Bic. Really don't like them. Have a heavy signature. Can't tell you how many important pieces of paper I've had to Scotch brand back together.

You being the - I see the future type - don't be modest or humble, ask the question. Yeah, who's the fucking crazy one now Motherfucker? May I individual then double bag that for you? Wouldn't want them touching at the perfect fracture point, breaking.

Shoulda used the I Can't Hate Enough music from Pat Dollard's film, Young Americans too. Just a thought. heh ;~)