Nov 14, 2008

Objectivity III

Are these people doing anything that bothers you?

At Palm Springs' City Hall, a seat of local government, there is a protest demanding that the State recognize a religious rite to be extended to anyone, regardless of what they believe. (Nevermind that Marriage is none of the State's business to begin with. But that's for another post.)

A counter protester with a large cardboard cross is also there, expressing support for one of the many religious institutions that have upheld that particular tenet and rite of their faith.

She has driven and incited them to riot merely by her presence. She is very powerful, no? They are very frightened and oppressed, it seems.

Would this scene have been any less dismaying had she merely been carrying a cardboard poster without any symbols on it? Only to a lesser degree, I think, in that the posters and placards represent another Holy Tenet: freedom of speech. Which we ALL used to agree on.

Hmmm... perhaps they are parallel in some deeper way than we know.

Stay tuned and stop whining. The rest of the world has been hammered by this sort of subjective and objective training for far longer than I will subject you to it.

But if you want Conservatism and Freedom and Small Government, maybe now would be a good time to consider what you're asking for, what you're afraid of, whom you will work with, what you will and have accepted, what you won't accept, who you won't accept, what frightens you, and lastly, what sort of objective iconoclasm you have bought into as, Good for Reasonable People and Quite Necessary if We Want to Get the Job Done.

Just... be careful. That last step's a doozy.


Van said...

Always fun to see leftists supporting peoples freedom of speech and right to 'express themselves'.

Thanks for the Russell Kirk Center links, I'd somehow missed that one.

Joan of Argghh! said...

I forget where I got 'em from!

Some days I think I just need to put, h/t The Internets