Nov 10, 2008

Oh hey, here you go: Postcards to the new President

Face it, my fellow self-sufficient, conservative, hard working, small government compatriots, the ENTIRE WORLD is right and we are wrong.

Which suits me just fine.

And looks mahvelhous on you!

We happy few.


Liberty Girl said...

They can take their postcards, fold them until all corners, and shove them - sideways - in their anal orifices.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh, girl. That snark really does bring your look together! Heh.

I am loving your blog so hard. It's like political paint-ball: very cathartic.

PeggyU said...

Why bother with the folding?

Liberty Girl said...

It loves you back. *snootchies*

Liberty Girl said...

Oh, and I'm stealing "Political Paintball" and adding it to my stable of previously stolen, er, completely original taglines.

Velociman said...

So they found, what? A Cuban military officer, an Iranian theocrat, and the only guy in Iraq who Wants The Troops Out Now!?

That's fuckin' ballsy even for Reuters.

P.S. My word verification was stairse. I hope it's not related to goatse.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Vman, you've never had stair sex?

Or stare sex?


julie said...

Ha - mine's even better:


As in: "Wordveri would be happy to give you a little ramshine to perk up your day"

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

As Rambo said in the movie Rambo: "Fuck the world!" :^)

Hi Joan!